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Canada takes part in illegal logging roundtable with China

Dec. 9, 2016 - Canadian and Chinese officials gathered in Beijing on Dec. 2 to discuss sustainable logging practices in both countries. 

The roundtable discussion was organized by both Natural Resources Canada and China’s State Forestry Administration.

Both China and Canada have forest management protocols in place to prevent illegal logging, including its trade. According to a statement released by B.C.’s Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, both countries outlined their commitments to forest sustainability practices that help to reduce their carbon footprints, conserve energy and combat climate change.

“Canada is proud of its global reputation as a supplier of forest products from sustainable and legal sources,” said Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr. “Consumers of Canadian wood products can be confident that the wood they are buying was sourced legally and harvested under a system of responsible and sustainable forest management.”

According to Natural Resources Canada, more than 90 per cent of Canada’s forests are publicly owned, which makes it more difficult for illegal logging to take place. In addition, approximately 35 of Canada’s 180 tree species are harvested for commercial purposes in order to preserve species which are not as abundant. 

This means less than half of one per cent of Canada’s forest is harvested each year, according to the Forest Products Association of Canada. And all harvested areas must be promptly regenerated.

December 10, 2016  By  Tamar Atik

Photo:B.C. Ministry of Forests

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