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Canada needs the forest sector: FPAC

Dec. 14, 2016 - For the better part of Canada’s storied 150-year history, forestry has been a dominant industry providing our country with the most jobs, the most exports and the highest Gross National Product. Today, we are leaner and greener, and still a driving force in the Canadian economy.

Across Canada, the forest sector puts 230,000 men and women to work every day in more than 200 communities, from small rural towns to our largest urban centres. We are a $65-billion industry and despite trade uncertainty with our friends south of the border, we still expect to hire more skilled workers in the coming years. Furthermore, we are on the leading edge of innovative research and technology that is using wood fibre to develop everything from clean-energy to airplane parts to high-rise wood building structures that will fuel the next chapter of Canada’s green economy.

Canada is a recognized world leader in forest stewardship and has more independently certified forests than any other country in the world. This focus on sustainability and environmentally responsible practices has culminated in the industry leading the charge on tackling climate change. In May of this past year, our 30 by 30 Climate Change Challenge was launched with a pledge to help Canada move to a low-carbon economy by removing 30 megatonnes [MT] of CO2 per year by 2030 – a goal that represents more than 13 per cent of the federal government’s emissions target and an initiative that is paramount if Canada is to meet its Paris Agreement commitment.

Finally, and this can’t be understated, we are a reliable and trusted trading partner. Our goods and services are of the best quality anywhere in the world and produced using the highest environmental standards on the planet.

Canada’s economy, environment and international reputation has grown on trees for 150 years. The decisions and leadership displayed in 2017 will write the script for the next 150.

Derek Nighbor is the CEO of the Forest Products Association of Canada

December 14, 2016  By Derek Nighbor Forest Products Association of Canada

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