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Capturing forestry: Winners of the forestry photo contest announced

Feb. 14, 2017 - The Council of Forest Industries, in partnership with Canadian Forest Industries and London Drugs, launched a photo contest in September to highlight the B.C. forest industry of today. Our goal was to capture the innovation, commitment to sustainability, diversity, people and communities that make the forest industry great. The photographs that we received really showcase the essence of the industry and the spirit of the people.

February 14, 2017  By Susan Yurkovich

Grand Prize - “I took a little selfie under the stars on a cold crisp night a few weeks ago!” The Council of Forest Industries

We would like to congratulate the top 10 winners whose photos are published in this print edition of the magazine as well as on www.woodbusiness.ca.

Travis Stewart is the grand prize winner and will receive an Olympus TG-870 all-weather camera courtesy of London Drugs and has his photo featured on the cover of this magazine. Cheri Quinlan, Jay Baker, Jordon Conway, and Kelly Kitsch are winners in the four categories of Innovation, People, Community, and Environment. Each of these winners will receive a coffee table book and a gift card to London Drugs.

Once again, we would like to thank our partners Canadian Forest Industries and London Drugs for their generous support of this contest, as well as their continued support for communities throughout British Columbia.

Susan Yurkovich is President and CEO of COFI and President of the BC Lumber Trade Council.



1. Innovation
Photo by Cheri Quinlan in Vanderhoof, B.C.
“I had the pleasure of travelling out to the bush and taking pictures of some wonderful and hard working people.  My husband once worked for Selkin Logging so it was quite a treat to venture out and see things in action.  I am pretty familiar with the logging industry as I have been surrounded by it with family and friends.  My dad is retired now from the bush as a loader operator, and my husband still continues to work in the bush as a feller buncher operator.  Selkin Logging is owned and operated by Robert and Gladys Michell, a wonderful and hard working couple.”

2. Community
Photo by Jordon Conway in Prince George, B.C.
“My friends Descent of Fang Mountain located in Evanoff Provincial Park in British Columbia’s Interior. The provincial park located off Pass Lake Road, an active logging area, demonstrates the balance of proper forestry management while still preserving prime land for parks which boast incredible views, hiking and recreational activities.”

3. Environment
Photo by Kelly Kitsch in Harrison Mills, B.C.
“Even wildlife can adapt and utilize our man-made infrastructures from our vibrant forest industry. Here an osprey prepares its nest on a piling on the Harrison River at Harrison Mills, B.C.”

4. People
Photo by Jay Baker in Smithers, B.C.
“Going to work the fun way.”

“Bella Coola, B.C.”
Photo by Emily Francis in Chetwynd, B.C.

2. “A single snowflake gently lands.”  
Photo by Lyndsay Esson in Revelstoke, B.C.

“New 859M special production closed loop buncher finally out of the box and performing well.”  Photo by Morgan Granger in Cranbrook, B.C.

“Photo was taken along the walking paths by Ginter’s Meadow where an old building use to be.”  Photo by Tristan Fisher in Prince George, B.C.

“I took this photo of Jason and Chris while waiting for the helicopter on a rainy coastal day. The crew was engaged in a standing-stem heli-logging project for a pole buyer harvesting cedar poles.” Photo by Shawn Mandula in Campbell River, B.C.

View the full photo spread in Canadian Forest Industries’ latest digital edition.

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