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CFI’s highlights, top 10 stories of 2023

Highlights from 2023 and the annual round-up of the Top 10 most read articles from our website over the year.

January 2, 2024  By  Jennifer Ellson

The past year had been a remarkable year for Canada’s forest industry. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the milestones and pivotal moments that shaped the narrative of sustainable forestry and resource management. From groundbreaking technological advancements to collaborative conservation efforts, the past year has been a testament to the resilience and innovation within our nation’s forestry sector.

In this annual round-up, we present the Top 10 most read articles from our website, offering a comprehensive overview of the topics that resonated most with our readers. Join us on this journey through the pages of insight, analysis, and updates that encapsulate the dynamic and evolving landscape of Canada’s forest industry in 2023.

10 | Forest sector: Everything, everywhere, all at once

Perhaps fans of the movie with this catchy title propelled this story into the top 10, but our readers appreciated our coverage of the COFI Convention 2023, where ‘transitioning’ and ‘predictability’ echoed like a blockbuster movie script. This story had readers hooked to make it to No. 10. READ MORE



9 | Finding ways to get out of the woods at the 2023 TLA convention

Rolling in at No. 9 is the comprehensive coverage of the 78th Truck Loggers Association convention and trade show, where the theme, ‘Firmly planted. Standing strong,’ set the tone for tackling the tough challenges gripping British Columbia’s forest industry, as industry players delved into discussions that cut through the heart of the matter. READ MORE

Full house at the 2023 Truck Loggers Association convention. Photo: Annex Business Media.

8 | Opinion: There is no conspiracy in logging emissions

Our fearless columnist John Mullinder took the stage to dissect claims that shook the industry, when accusations of a cover-up in logging’s greenhouse gas emissions, equating them to the notorious oil sands, sent shockwaves through environmental circles. Mullinder fearlessly confronted these allegations head-on, shedding light on the controversial claims made by two environmental groups. This opinion piece cut through the fog of accusations, leaving readers with a clear view of the contentious debate surrounding logging emissions in the Great White North. READ MORE

Photo: Annex Business Media

7 | Wood you know: Utility poles are a lasting legacy

Wood Preservation of Canada’s Natalie Tarini shone the spotlight on wood utility poles in this feature, which comes in at No. 7. The poles continue to be a pillar in Canada’s electrical grid, and Tarini shed light on the enduring significance of wood utility poles, proving they are more than just silent sentinels along our streets. Who knew utility poles could be so captivating? Wood you know! READ MORE

Poles are typically made from four species of trees: Douglas fir, western red cedar, red pine and southern pine. Photo: Stella-Jones.

6 | Freya Logging: The specialists

Marching in at No. 6, we have the tale of the remarkable journey of Freya Logging, a powerhouse in the Canadian forest industry specializing in selective cutting and commercial thinning. The feature showcases how Freya Logging has etched its name as a formidable player in the evergreen landscape of the Canadian forest industry. It’s not just logging; it’s a saga of expertise, commitment, and triumph. READ MORE

Freya Logging’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Canadian forest industry is a testament to the owners’ passion, expertise and unwavering dedication. Photos: Annex Business Media.

5 | Full circle: Q&A with Western Forest Products CEO Steven Hofer

Claiming the spotlight at No. 5 is an exclusive Q&A session with the dynamic CEO of Western Forest Products. Hofer’s journey from a management trainee job in Nanaimo, B.C., back in 1993 to now helming one of Vancouver’s leading forest companies is nothing short of a full-circle narrative. Buckle up for an exclusive peek into the mind of a leader shaping the forestry landscape! READ MORE

Steven Hofer (right) with Western’s general manager of manufacturing, Derek Haupt (left) at a recent safety celebration, serving up a steak lunch for the Chemainus sawmill employees to mark six months recordable incident free.

4 | A log/love story: Fink’s Sawmill’s 60-year history

Our readers loved this heartwarming tale of a family-run company that not only boasts a remarkable 60-year history but also a 60-year love story that weaves through the heart of its success. As Fink’s Sawmill Ltd. celebrated its 60th anniversary, the love story of owners Myron and Frances, marking their 60th wedding anniversary, adds an extra layer of charm to this enduring log of success and romance. READ MORE

(L-R): Rylan Smaha-Muir, Brent Muir, Shari Smaha, Myron Smaha, Frances Smaha, Lorelei Smaha and Ryan Klaver. Photo courtesy Smaha family.

3 | From sawmills to hydrogen

Taking the podium at No. 3 is an exclusive Q&A session with none other than North American wood business magnate Brian Fehr. Recognized for his powerhouse role in BID Group, where the ‘B’ stands for Brian, Fehr’s influence extends far beyond the billion-dollar sawmill manufacturing giant. After steering BID Group to success, Fehr embarked on a new frontier within the forestry world, initiating a cascade of ventures that have set the industry abuzz. In this revealing interview, we dive into the mind of a true forestry trailblazer. READ MORE

The BID Group founder has received the Order of B.C. for his contributions to the forest industry. Photo courtesy of Brian Fehr.

2 | CFI announces the Top 20 Under 40 winners for 2023

Claiming an impressive second spot on our chart is the much-anticipated announcement of CFI’s annual Top 20 Under 40 winners. With an overwhelming surge of nominations, the caliber of candidates was too exceptional to narrow down to just 10. In response to the record number of entries, this year’s awards have been expanded to recognize the top 20 rising stars in the forestry realm. It’s not just an award; it’s a celebration of talent, dedication, and the vibrant future of the industry! READ MORE

1 | 2023 Lumber markets outlook: Short-lived growing pains in the forecast

Authored by the esteemed Paul Jannke of Forest Economic Advisors, this market outlook takes the lead as the most sought-after and pivotal read of the year. With Jannke’s insights steering the ship, readers are taken on a journey through the twists and turns of the lumber markets, navigating short-lived growing pains with a discerning eye. READ MORE

Photo: Annex Business Media

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