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Feb. 24, 2014 - The evolving chipping equipment market provides Canadian contractors with multiple options for chipping branches and whole trees for landscaping, pulp, or biomass customers. Portability, speed, size control and hydraulic lift have become the focus of many of the innovations seen in the industry.

Here is our look at some of the equipment available for chipping operations in Canada.

Please note that the following information comes directly from the equipment manufacturers and is not endorsed by the editorial staff of Canadian Forest Industries.

The TAC Woodsman 790 is the largest of the Arborist chipper products. It has a 36-inch diameter by 37-inch-wide chipping drum, which has the ability to chip larger material. Main features include a programmable reverse auto feed governor, hydraulic lift and crush on feed wheel, telescoping tongue and a 360-degree hand-crank swivel discharge. The chipper weighs approximately 10,000 pounds and comes with a drop-leg jack.

The ChipMax 484VR, which is available in both tracked and truck-mount models, comes with the choice of both two-knife and four-knife chipping rotors for making fuel chips or micro-chips. The discharging chute provides a 290-degree radius for maximum chip spread on any job site. The hydrostatic driven blower gives operators stronger chip discharge, and can provide high production at more than 100 tons per hour.

The RC1220 delivers power and productivity the professional user demands.  This high-performance 12-inch capacity chipper is powered by Kubota diesel engines in 67 or 99 horsepower. Standard features include RAYCO’s Versa-Feed infeed control to optimize chipping performance and X-Charge discharge system, which injects high-velocity air to maximize discharge velocity. A large, 12-inch-high by 20-inch-wide, infeed opening is three inches wider than most competitors, allowing the chipper to handle forked material easier.

Productivity depends not only on what your chipper can eat, but how. The Wallenstein BXTR6438 commercial grade chipper features IntelliFeed electronic feed control, improving your pace by constantly controlling the feed rate. For better feeding performance, the BXTR6438’s standard top and bottom rollers are driven hydraulically and speed controlled by IntelliFeed. The extra wide seven-inch high by 11-inch wide slab-style opening easily feeds awkward branches and logs with less limbing before chipping.

The Peterson 5000H disk chipper-delimber-debarker produces high-quality chips with low bark content for wood pulp, processing whole trees in one continuous operation. The large feed throat, which can accept up to a 23-inch (563-millimetre) diameter tree or multiple smaller stems, is achieved by placing the anvil and transition in the chipper. The standard three-pocket disk can produce chips from 0.625 to 1.25 inches (16 to 32 millimetres) long, while the optional four-pocket disk can produce chips from 0.5 to 1.0 inches (13 to 25 millimetres) long.

While retaining an 18-inch chipping capacity, the Beever M18RX Brush Chipper weighs in at less than 10,000 pounds (GVWR) fully charged with fluids and winch package, eliminating the need for additional transport licensing requirements. Infeed is made with seven-gauge (five-millimetre), XF-100 sides and 3/8-inch (10-metre) thick, XF-100 floor to increase material tensile strength with lighter weight components. Ideal for residential tree services, vegetation management, lot and land clearing, this chipper combines Morbark strength in a more compact design.

The Vermeer 6000 uses a new chip drum and possesses knife settings that can produce micro-chips. The 6000 needs just two hours to make knife-setting changes to move from producing 1/8-inch chips to 1-½-inch chips. At full power, making ¾-inch chips, the 6000 has the capacity to fill a truck with two to 30 tons in under 10 minutes, burning just 30 gallons of fuel in the process.

The CH885 is an ultra-high-capacity whole-tree chipper and a giant step forward in drum chipper design. The drum is 54 inches tall, 53 inches wide, with a one-inch-thick drum surface, and is warranted against material and workmanship failure for five years. The sloped infeed chain carries limbs, tops and full trees reliably to three feedwheels – two vertical and one large horizontal. The feedwheels snap forks and guide even unruly material into the oversized drum chamber with little or no attention from the loader operator.

Bandit Industries
Bandit offers 17 different hand-fed chipper models to choose from  more than any other chipper manufacturer. A wide variety of disc- or drum-style chippers are available, ranging in size from six- to 21-inch capacity and backed by an available five-year GUTS warranty. With such an array of models and literally hundreds of options to choose from, Bandit is sure to have a chipper that suits your exact needs.

Temisko is a well-recognized Canadian trailer manufacturer in business since 1969.  For the forestry industry, we manufacture flat bed, B-train, wood chip trailers, logging trailers and low bed. All the trailers we fabricate are custom built to our customers’ specifications. Our line of fabrication is very diversified and our goal is to provide simple solutions to complex applications.

With a diverse range of products that are built for hauling everything from wood chips to mining concentrates, Tycrop Specialty Trailers offers a stronger, longer lasting, high-volume trailer resulting in increased profitability for customers. From the start of a new design, through engineering, to the in-house production of parts, we have control over every step of the manufacturing process and we are proud of our earned reputation for supplying some of the most technologically advanced trailers available today.

Doppstadt DH series whole-tree chippers are the perfect solution for processing softwood, hardwood, slash and other delimbed waste material. Because of their unique design, DH chippers produce a shaved chip and incorporate a sizing screen to control output size. All DH series whole-tree chippers are standard-equipped with fluid-coupling power transfer to eliminate clutch failure, hydraulically adjusted blower for ease of loading, and hydraulic door access for easy blade changes. With the standard electric-hydraulic pump, many system functions can be run for maintenance without engaging the DaimlerChrysler OM502 LA engine.

February 24, 2014  By Canadian Forest Industries

Industrial chippers can be used to produce chips for landscape The evolving chipping equipment market provides Canadian contractors with multiple options for chipping branches and whole trees.

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