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Logger/Harvester needed

New Mexico, USA

Posted on January 3, 2020

Our company is in search of a logger to help with forest restoration in beautiful New Mexico. We primarily harvest ponderosa pine, average 12″ to 14″ dbh. Largest trees will stop at 24″. Most country is hilly but not overly steep. Harvested material must be transported to our sawmill. Pay is competitive and we are attempting to tap into a fund to increase the current pay by roughly 10%. Final figures are forthcoming soon. Most work can continue through the winter, assuming we don’t face too much snow. Harvest elevation is from +/-7500 ft to +/- 9000 ft. Yes, we get snow. Project is designed to prevent catastrophic wildfires and to protect local watersheds. Applicant must have their own harvesting equipment, trucks, log trailers etc. We are not looking for an employee. We are looking for a hardworking, honest and driven company who wants to continue working in spite of a variety of logging/saw milling slowdowns in Canada. If interested, please respond by email at mallen7cities@gmail.com

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