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Portable Sawmill Manufacturer/Distributor

British Columbia

Posted on January 3, 2020

An opportunity to take over a successful and profitable manufacturing business which produces durable and portable sawmills. The business offers a complete range of wood processing equipment, from portable sawmills to commercial and custom shop solutions. The business has been running with the current owner since 1990. The owner is looking to retire and will provide full training and transition up to 1 year. Sales for 2019 -$1,298,595. Sales for 2018 – $1,162,938. Sales for 2017 – $900,862. EBITDA is approximately $215,000 not including owners normalized salary of $100,000. The business can operate from anywhere but would be better suited to a higher density area which is close to shipping hubs and a port. All sawmills come pre-fabricated from an overseas manufacturing facility and only require simple labourers to assemble and test the sawmills. The business offers sawmills for all cutting applications and eds. Log handling from 6″ to 60′ or larger for all species of wood.

Contact: aleksandramagee@gmail.com

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