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ON invests in solid wood industry

The Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy (CRIBE) is partnering with the new School of Architecture at Laurentian University on a demonstration building that will showcase the use of solid wood and cross laminated timber (CLT).

August 24, 2012  By CNW

CRIBE’S $350,000 investment will be used to fund the cost of designing and building the library wing at the demonstration building using CLT.

This building will be a first of its kind in Ontario, and its link to the architecture school provide benefits for years to come as all future architects of the school will be well versed in CLT construction.

Other benefits include:
• Encouragement of value-added industry, including solid wood and CLT
• Development of testing to determine where wood can be used in more types of structures including taller and higher occupancy ones.
• Delivery of building code models that encourage wood industry
• Development of innovative structural techniques using wood, including strength testing and connections.
• Promotion of Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) credits based on carbon sequestration and other renewable materials.

The Ontario forest industry has been particularly hard hit by global economic conditions and this demonstration building is a key component to gaining momentum in solid wood construction. Other provinces are moving forward in this direction, making this project a critical one for Ontario.


“I am thrilled with this investment,” said Rick Bartolucci, MPP for Sudbury. “This project will not only support the school of architecture but is a boost to the long-term prosperity of the forest industry and our local economy.”
“This project is a demonstration of what we established CRIBE to do: Make Ontario a leader in forestry innovation,” said Brad Duguid, Minister of Economic Development and Innovation. “New technology is key to the success of new companies and the creation of good jobs.”

“We are thrilled by CRIBE’s support for this forward-looking initiative,” said Laurentian Vice-President, Administration, Carol McAulay. “We wanted Laurentian Architecture to speak to a future generation of designers and architects, and this generous investment will help us realize that vision.”

“This project will do much to literally create a new market for solid wood construction,” said Lorne Morrow CEO of CRIBE. “By funding this project we are ensuring that all the future architects that train at Laurentian will be not only familiar but also comfortable with the use of CLT and solid wood.”

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