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Editorial: The heat is on, plus CFI’s July/August issue is out now!

Feeling the burn as mercury levels, interest rates continue to soar

August 3, 2023  By  Jennifer Ellson

How’s your summer doin’?

By now you must have heard that Earth is enduring its hottest period in modern history. The mercury rose at the start of July and smashed records around the globe. As I type, a heat wave is searing the province of Quebec, and in my area of Montreal, energy demand is causing regular, sporadic power outages. But that is nothing compared to what the rest of our fellow Canadians are enduring right now. As of this writing, almost 900 wildfires are burning across Canada, and we mourn the loss of two wildfire fighters who died in the line of duty. I join the rest of our industry in thanking and paying tribute to our brave firefighters battling record blazes.

Climate change, we see you, and we’re not taking your punches lying down. Our forests are feeling the heat with wildfires, pesky pests, and crazy weather events, but guess what? We’re fighting back. We’re restoring our forests, diversifying our tree species, and getting smarter about managing those fiery blazes.

And hey, we’re not just sitting on the sidelines; we’re actively involved in carbon offset programs and sustainable bioenergy production. We’re in this climate change battle together, and we’re ready to make a difference.


First things first, sustainable forest management is the name of the game. As true stewards of our incredible forest resources, Canadian forest companies are leading the charge in responsible practices. We’re all about preserving biodiversity, combating climate change, and making sure our forests stay healthy and productive. We’re talking selective harvesting, reforestation efforts, and getting certified to show the world we mean business when it comes to sustainability. And here’s a big shout-out to our Indigenous partners because we know collaboration is where it’s at. We’ve recognized the incredible wisdom and knowledge that Indigenous communities bring to the table. By combining traditional practices with modern techniques, we’re finding more holistic ways to manage our forests sustainably. It’s all about walking hand in hand towards success. Our cover story on Freya Logging illustrates these points very well.

Now, let’s talk tech! We’re living in a world of mind-blowing advancements, and the forest industry isn’t one to be left behind. We’ve got remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and data analytics making waves and revolutionizing how we do things. These nifty innovations are helping us make smarter decisions, like improving forest inventory assessments and managing our supply chains like pros. Oh, and the cherry on top? They’re also helping us cut down on waste and minimize our impact on the environment. Win-win! You will find that our features on the latest innovations in  steep slope harvesting, as well as our story about an efficient combustible dust safety program address these points, and more.

You see, the mercury is not the only thing rising. Interest rates are also climbing, and lumber prices have also seen hikes since the beginning of June. With these factors, how is the industry doing? Find out via our mid-year report on the North American softwood lumber market, as well as the coverage of the Global Softwood Log and Lumber Conference held in Vancouver last June.

For now, flip through the pages of this magazine, and get ready to be blown away by the incredible stories, interviews, and articles that highlight the achievements and ongoing adventures in our forest industry. 

And remember, although we’re feeling the heat of the summer and the heat brought by economic factors, let’s celebrate our successes, learn from our experiences, and join forces to keep our forests thriving and our industry booming.

So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s jump right in!

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