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Equipment spotlight: Focus on grapples

Canadian Forest Industries shares the latest grapples for the forestry industry

March 15, 2019  By  Ellen Cools


The Indexator XR rotator range, aimed at extreme fields of application, continues to gain ground in the forest sector. Thanks to the unique patented torque transfer solution, external forces acting on the bearings do not affect the motor and swivel inside the rotator. This extends service life significantly in comparison with competing solutions. “The reaction from our customers around the world exceeds all expectations, and they’re enjoying a level of strength and service life that earlier products in the segment lacked,” says Johnny Karlsson, area sales manager at Indexator. XR rotators are developed for both dangle and rigid mount and come in four different sizes.

Handling tree-length logs is tough-going for large forwarders, skidders or excavators. Just the job for Gripen’s HDX grapple. The heavy-duty HDX features a one-piece, bent frame fitted with expander guards, a reinforced parallel rod, and mechanical claw stops for cylinder protection. Options include a load-holding kit and Xtra claw reinforcements. HSP Gripen offers outstanding ease of use and driving pleasure. Cushioned twin hydraulic cylinders provide a low, even shaft load. Material rolls in smoothly, filling to the optimal degree and unloading effortlessly thanks to the unique claw design. Power and performance are reliably maintained over time. Customer service? Gripen’s is so good you’ll (almost) never have to use it!

Doosan Infracore North America, LLC, offers two durable log grapples for use with its log loaders – the LG52 and LG58 – with 52- and 58-inch arm openings, respectively. Doosan log grapples complement the log loader’s live heel for efficient operation. For example, Doosan log loader operators can easily sort, stack and load logs onto trucks when they combine a log grapple with a log loader. Doosan log loader grapples are manufactured with high-strength steel for extreme durability in harsh operating environments. Approved log loaders include the Doosan DX225LL-5, DX300LL-5 and DX380LL-5.

From the world’s leading supplier of by-pass type grapples, Hultdins introduces the MG SuperGrip series of fixed mount grapples for excavators from 8- to 25-tonne capacity. The MG grapples are based on the time proven SG grapples, which are the industry standard on forestry forwarders and log trucks. The MG grapples feature a by-pass arm design for a variety of grapple work for land clearing, feeding chippers or grinders, storm clean-up, tree service, and landscaping materials. They are equipped with the XR Rotator, a compact low-profile design with very high torque and load capacity. Excavator mounts are available for direct boom mount or to match the machine coupler.


Pierce Pacific
For more than 40 years, Pierce has been manufacturing hydraulic forestry grapples using input from professional loggers. As machinery and loggers get stronger, so do our grapples. The result is a product that does all the things loggers need it to do, easily and efficiently. Pierce twin cylinder forestry grapples feature powerful 360° continuous rotation and are multi-purpose for excellent versatility. They feature an optimum arm shape for big wood, tight grapple closure for superior small log control, load check valves to eliminate the risk of dropping your payload, and heavy-duty legs that possess the optimum shape for shovel logging, loading, unloading and sorting. Our grapples are in stock for immediate delivery.

FARMA offers a full range of accessories. Not only a list of grapples for our own cranes, the accessory range consists of skidders, log lifters, energy cutters, flail heads and so much more. Choose between Generation 2 grapples from 0.12 to 0.24 m2, grapple buckets of 160-200L, insert buckets, bale grapples and sturdy felling heads BC18 and BC25, etc.

Wallenstein Equipment
Wallenstein Equipment can maximize your logging productivity and forest management with its log grapples for tractors, skid steers and mini-skid steer mounts. Wallenstein Equipment log grapples are engineered to withstand the toughest forest conditions and will forward logs out of the woods with confidence. The perfect partner for professional landscapers, logging contractors, farmers and rural property owners. Wallenstein Equipment – Making Work Feel More Like Play!

In Kesla’s wide proG grapple range it is easy to find an optimal grapple for every use whether for timber, bioenergy or the recycling industry. The range includes timber grapples with area from 0.18 m2 to 0.5 m2. The renewed geometry of Kesla proG timber grapples increases the performance of timber processing, thanks to new frame solutions, durability and reliability bing taken to a whole new level. The goal of proG series’ grapple’s jaw geometry is to collect a full load of timber, to keep the log punches straight and pile them easily. In the jaw tips there is a straight part that helps collect single logs. Jaw tips move parallel to the ground when closed and the jaw tips are closer to each other. This minimizes the amount of additional materials grappled. Kesla bioenergy grapples have been planned for work with mixed wood masses. Their broad and sturdy structure makes work smooth, and extraneous materials do not get mixed in with the wood mass. The grapples are excellent for energy wood handling and chipper feeding.

Strong-Arm Grapples from Barko Hydraulics are engineered with precision to streamline operations for the industry’s toughest log-loading and delimbing tasks. Barko builds the grapples with a 50,000-pound capacity rotator and a fully-supported rotator drive pinion gear, so every grapple is ready to tackle jobs in any environment. Barko has simplified the hose routing to prevent hose damage and maintain optimal performance in even the toughest conditions. The grapples are built to last, with a zinc-plated induction hardened pin that resists corrosion while increasing durability. The grapples were designed to optimize the performance of Barko B-Series loaders but are also work great with other loader brands. With three different models featuring arms that range from 42 to 52 inch, Barko Strong-Arm Grapples deliver superior rotator torque and clamping force with fast cycle speeds that maximize production and increase efficiencies on any job site.

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