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Wrapping up the year, plus CFI’s new issue is out now!

From planning to planing, this issue has got you covered

November 20, 2023  By  Jennifer Ellson

Nov/Dec Digital Edition

From plotting to planking, we’ve got the scoop in this issue!

But before we delve into the stories that await, let’s pause and appreciate the fact that this is actually CFI’s last issue for 2023 – the final curtain call of the year! 

So, here’s a hearty round of applause for you, our readers, our contributors, and our ever-supportive community. Your passion and engagement have breathed life into these pages, and we’re immensely grateful.

Jennifer Ellson, CFI editor.A massive thank you is in order for the just-as-massive support you gave to our team this year. Thank you for your contributions, feedback, story ideas, suggestions, editorial and advertising support. Most importantly, thank you for opening the pages and reading our coverage of the industry that we are all passionate about.


With our gratitude set, let’s unwrap the present we’ve prepared for you.

Picture this: a young family embarking on a new adventure, raising children and a sawmill business side by side in rural Alberta. It’s a tale of grit, dreams, and the unwavering support of a tight-knit community. West of the 5th Sawmill is not just a business; it’s a testament to the power of determination and the beauty of family.

The Levinsky family, owners of West of the 5th Sawmill.

As the weather cools and we gear up for 2024, our safety guru, Patrick McDonald, is here to help you figure your way through the safety maze. He’s armed with tips and tricks to ensure your sawmill is a fortress of safety and wellbeing, as he helps you navigate through the key considerations and best practices to effectively plan and roll out safety initiatives, tailored to sawmills.

Now, what about succession planning? Chris Duncan is your guide through this crucial aspect of business. Remember, no matter your age, it’s never too early to secure your legacy. Think of it as crafting the timeless story of your business’s lasting impact.

For the savvy sawfilers out there, Paul Smith’s clear-cut guide to benching wide bandsaws is a must-read. Trust us, it’s a game-changer.

This issue also shines a spotlight on Pastway Planing, an industry icon in southern Ontario. They’ve been raising the bar for over half a century. Their secret recipe? Timing, chemistry, and a dash of outstanding employees. They’re not just any wood treatment facility – they’re a league of their own.

Ready for an update on the North American softwood lumber market as the year draws to a close? Keta Kosman has your back. She’s got the inside scoop to keep you in the loop.

Percy Guichon’s Final Cut column is nothing short of inspiring, as he brings his unique perspective as a survivor of a residential school and a dedicated Indigenous leader to the forefront of the forestry industry. His words resonate with wisdom and compassion, advocating for reconciliation in forestry. Percy’s passion for this cause, combined with his remarkable life story, makes him a beacon of hope and a true inspiration in the world of forestry and beyond.

And let’s not overlook our news pages brimming with the latest industry happenings, including the NAFTA decision on the U.S. anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber; exciting funding announcements from federal and provincial governments for wood producers, and the groundbreaking Senate bill promoting eco-friendly materials in public buildings that became law, with inspiration drawn from Structurlam, a leading mass timber producer in B.C. We have more up-to-date news to help you stay ahead of the curve on our website, www.woodbusiness.ca.

As we bid adieu to this year, know that I’ll be right here, eager to welcome you back in the new year. We might even meet in person at one of our industry events. The future is brimming with exciting stories – they’re your stories and I can’t wait to narrate them. We’re amped to deliver more fantastic stories and keep things fresh and exciting. As you very well know, we’re all about collaboration, so keep those suggestions and contributions coming.

Let’s make the next year a rollercoaster of knowledge, growth and good vibes. Until then, stay safe, stay curious, and stay connected.

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