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FPT Industrial showcases the F36 PowerPack Stage V

September 14, 2023  By CFI Staff

Photo supplied.

The F36 PowerPack Stage V is part of FPT Industrial’s comprehensive power units offering. It represents a powerful, flexible and reliable solution for stationary and semi-stationary applications, such as irrigation pumps, hydraulic power units, manure and de-watering pumps, wood-chippers and grinders among others.

As with all FPT Industrial’s PowerPacks, it features a single layout for Stage V and Tier 4 Final, making it the perfect solution for markets with different emissions standards. The compact ATS pack mounted on the engine, including the urea injection system and all required sensors and manifolds, eliminates the need for a dedicated exhaust system development.

A range of options such as alternators, starters, water and air preheating, and different urea tank sizes provide further flexibility for customer installations.


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