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Fremaco introduces HipChain 2.Ø to reduce snags

Sept. 7, 2018 - Surveyors and foresters who need to measure and mark trails quickly in remote, rough conditions find that walking while laying a topographic filament remains their best choice. Sawyers and other workers who follow can easily find their survey marks.

September 7, 2018  By Fremaco

With 30 years of Chaining Buddy, Chainman II and Fieldranger and others informing their design, Fremaco has introduced the new HipChain 2.Ø.

Designed around a slim cone holding 5000 metres of thread, the base of the cone now interlocks firmly into slots in the case. This results in fewer unspooling snags, simplified rethreading and and time saved. Engineering a new friction brake to control the measuring wheel now assures that there will be excellent unit-to-unit consistency of measurement.

HipChain 2.Ø’s high-visibility red case has metal hinge pins for cold weather durability and a tough metal clasp. A knob-type reset is now positioned conveniently at the rear. This placement allows the case to have a slim, smooth outer profile. This reset knob can also be turned by using a finger and rolling the wide rim either from the side or from the top. By using paired gearsets during assembly, the calibration is be easily set from feet to meters with no additional parts. This results in the retail cost being the same for either calibration.

Packed complete with a cone of thread and a free waist belt, HipChain 2.Ø is available now. Learn more at fremaco.com/


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