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Hughes Pacific expands timberland holdings in Canada

September 14, 2023  By CFI staff

Photo: Annex Business Media

Washington State-based Hughes Pacific has announced a significant expansion of its forestry operations in western Canada.

The company acquired timberlands in Alberta and B.C. and plans to add another 4,000 acres of mature timberland from private landowners across Canada. The company said in an email to CFI the expansion will support the production of renewable wood fuel products and bolster its precision forestry management capabilities.

“Our commitment to sustainable forestry and carbon offset project development innovation is at the heart of this strategic move. By acquiring these timberlands, Hughes Pacific is positioning itself to play an innovative role in the development of carbon offset projects throughout Canada while helping provide renewable energy solutions,” said David Hughes.

Hughes Pacific plans to issue timber rights leases to local wood fuel product producers, and to use its new timberlands as test sites to develop hybrid strategies and techniques to improve LiDAR solutions in the carbon offset market.


“This technology will provide better accuracy in monitoring and managing timber resources, enabling the company to optimize its operations and minimize environmental impact,” the company said in a statement.

“Hughes Pacific’s dedication to sustainable forestry practices and innovation, coupled with its commitment to supporting the renewable wood fuel industry and carbon offset projects, underscores its mission to be a responsible steward of Canada’s forests,” the company said.

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