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Husqvarna launches online learning platform that rewards users

October 27, 2023  By Husqvarna

Husqvarna is ushering in a new era for online learning with the launch of Pro Insider, a state-of-the-art web-based learning management system providing users with interactive learning opportunities for professional products and solutions, in addition to industry best practices. Husqvarna Pro Insider offers short, high-quality video courses on topics from personal protective equipment (PPE), equipment usage, product technology, accessories and more.

“The launch of Pro Insider represents our continued dedication to education and advancing the industries we serve,” said Carlos Haddad, vice-president of North America, professional products at Husqvarna Group. “We look forward to hearing from our customers as they engage with this platform, deepen their understanding of our products and best practices for their use, and increase their productivity on the job.”

To foster engagement with the courses, Pro Insider leverages “Watch and Earn.” For every course completed, users earn coins that can be redeemed for merchandise within the Husqvarna store. Each self-paced course is less than five minutes, making it easy for busy professionals to learn on their own schedules from anywhere.

With an aim to offer options for commercial landscapers, tree care professionals, dealers and enthusiasts of all levels, Pro Insider is one of many online educational opportunities that Husqvarna offers including the Chainsaw Academy and Husqvarna University.


Husqvarna Pro Insider can be found at training.husqvarna.com.

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