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JoeScan adds 2 new engineers to team

June 26, 2023  By JoeScan

New hires Mich Perry and Jack Wright examine a prototype Z8 super snapshot scanner with JoeScan president Joey Nelson. Photo supplied.

The sawmill scanning experts at JoeScan are once again expanding their team. The company, founded in 2002, has added two new engineers to their roster.

“We’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth in terms of sales,” says JoeScan president Joey Nelson. “So we have some additional demand on our engineers to answer support questions. But we also want to continue to develop new products and features to make 3D scanning even simpler and easier to use for sawmills.”

JoeScan has a full product development schedule underway, with a new “super snapshot” scanner model featuring 3 inch laser spacing slated for release later this year. “We designed the Z8 scanner for places in the mill where you can’t move the log or board at all,” Nelson says. “Getting data every three inches instead of every six gives you much more accurate models which means you get better solutions from your optimizer. But there are also instances when you need to run very, very fast, and the Z8’s smaller laser spacing can help you get there.”

The JoeScan engineering group is also working on a suite of software features to simplify start-ups including additional diagnostic and calibration tools.


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