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New 8-wheel harvester introduced

Feb. 15, 2017 - After the launch of the 931 wheel harvester (6 wheels), Komatsu Forest is introducing for the spring of 2017, its new 931XC; the 8-wheel version of its 931.

The 931 and the 931XC both have the powerful Stage 4 Final, 251 HP engine and are now equipped with a 3-pump hydraulic system with optimized flow to head and crane functions simultaneously for maximum hydraulic power. The engine can now run at lower speed for optimal low fuel consumption.

The operator environment provides comfort and visibility. The AutoLev system ensures superior stability while travelling or operating; an important feature on uneven terrain.

MaxiXplorer is a harvesting software that is simple and visual, allowing the operator to make countless adjustments to collect production and operation data. MaxiXplorer makes it possible to optimize the harvesting and the cut in given lengths and diameters, or even based on the commercial value of each log.

The design of the Comfort bogies provides high ground clearance and better traction on uneven terrain, on steep slopes or in swampy ground.  The new 931XC has a double Comfort bogie for enhanced performance in the most demanding working conditions.

With the CRH230 parallel boom for fast cycle times, the 931 can adapt to a wide range of Komatsu harvesting heads, from 360.2, 365, S132 all the way to the high-performance C144, which is a stronger head equipped with the Constant Cut system for continuous sawing speed, whether in harvesting or cutting in lengths. Whatever the species or the diameter, you can always count on quick cuts.

February 15, 2017  By Komatsu

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