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Oct. 23, 2017 - CFI has a rundown of new kiln technology for drying Canadian lumber.

October 23, 2017  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff

designs and builds dry kilns responding to the needs and requirements of the industries

Séchoirs Mec
Séchoir Mec inc designs and builds dry kilns responding to the needs and requirements of the industries. Mec’s all-aluminium kiln has 6” wall thick value R24, 8: roof thick value R32, and has custom dimensions to meet customer’s criteria. Mec innovates constantly to offer a product always state-of-the-art of the technology. Flexibility, reliability and easy to operate are only some of the qualifiers to describe its products.

American Wood Dryers
American Wood Dryers, LLC has been producing quality efficient dry kilns to the lumber industry for over 30 years with installations throughout the world. Everything from package kilns for smaller volumes of hardwoods to large volume high throughput conifer kilns such as high temperature and or continuous track kilns. Heat systems include hot water, steam, hot oil, and natural gas or biomass direct fired. Circulating air systems can be direct drive kiln duty motors or standard motors mounted external of the kiln chamber. VF drives are supplied for power economy.

Wellons Canada
Having supplied over 500 kilns, Wellons Canada’s extensive kiln expertise includes both continuous and batch kilns; double track, single track and side loading configurations; double and single air pass fan systems; direct fired, thermal oil, steam or hot water heating systems and multi-zone configurations; steel, aluminum, stainless or hybrid kiln material option; and Wellons WINKILN control system with Wellons TCS real time in-kiln moisture measurement. Notably some of Wellons recent batch kiln conversions to continuous kilns have shown 100 per cent production increases and a 20 per cent energy reduction.

Nova Dry Kiln
Nova Dry Kiln, LLC is a world-wide producer of high quality lumber dry kiln systems. Our unique kiln drying process utilizing a calibrated powered exhaust coupled with the Timber-Dry Management control system firmly places the dry kiln operator in control. An R-34 designed dry kiln chamber, provides lower cost drying in colder climates. Our top hinge loading door does not roll the door seal. Better efficiency means a greater return on investment.


Using industry-proven technology, the KilnScout Wireless moisture system allows a sawmill operation to control dry kilns from direct moisture content readings. This in-kiln system eliminates the need for costly hot checks by shutting down confidently at target moisture content. The result is improved grade recovery, reduced energy costs and increased throughput. KilnScout Hardwood is customized for unique hardwood applications. This model meets the accuracy and durability needs specific to the hardwood market.

SII Dry Kilns
SII specializes in hardwood and softwood dry kilns, predryers, fan sheds, pallet and firewood drying / heat treating chambers. Now exclusively representing WDE Maspell in offering Vacuum and Thermal Modification Kilns. SII offers a complete range of kiln controls including the “Sample Watch” in-kiln weight system (now in wireless).  SII also provides kiln repair services and a full line of kiln parts and accessories. SII is represented in Québec by SIM – Steel Buildings and Dry Kilns inc.

Valutec’s TC continuous kiln is the absolute giant among continuous kilns and combines superior capacity and flexibility with optimal quality. The TC kiln provides full freedom to create the ultimate drying process with the virtually unlimited freedom to mix dimensions, minimal moisture content variation and reduced risk of checking. In a TC the lumber is dried during transport through a number of zones with separate climates. The lumber is placed length-wise on trolleys and fed from a buffer track into the kiln’s input end. A fully automatic feed system transports the lumber through the kiln and on out at the output end.

Nyle’s origins date back to 1977 when Donald Lewis patented the XDH Dehumidification system, which became the core of a very successful line of dehumidification lumber dryers for the hardwood market. Since then the product line has expanded to include: DH kilns, gas fired kilns, conventional kilns, heat treaters and industry leading controls. More recently Nyle was awarded a patent for its VHT systems: super-efficient, high temperature DH driers – the next generation of lumber drying for the softwood industry.

Imagine drying over 2,000,000 board feet (4,700m3) of 4/4 (25mm) hard maple from green to six per cent each year with a machine that can fit on a standard flatbed truck. The VacuPress 12000 makes it possible for a medium size mill to act big and a big mill to act small. Now mills can finally produce truckload volumes on demand without tying up their conventional kilns for a month. The VacuPress 12000 can be expanded to work in tandem with other VacuPress 12000s to minimize energy consumption and simplify the loading process.

USNR has manufactured track and package kilns for over 100 years. Today USNR has installed the largest number of CDK’s in North America and continues to improve the design of its Counter-Flow Kiln and related systems like the 8-Grate Burner. This burner is the largest green fuel burner in the industry, capable of producing 40 mm BTUs. A new hybrid burner project in the South will have natural gas and green fuel options. The ability to switch between different heat sources gives mills more flexibility to take advantage of price fluctuations and other market conditions.

Proven for over 50 years in hundreds of mills worldwide, Wagner’s moisture measurement systems and moisture analysis software have provided solutions to minimize wet claims and maximize profits. Utilizing state of the art electromagnetic wave technology, the MC4000 includes recent innovations for in-kiln moisture measurement. The MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System enables the kiln operator to monitor the moisture content of each charge and develop consistent drying time schedules for improved kiln performance and reduced operating costs.

Kiln Booster
The Kiln Booster system (patent-pending technology) maximizes heat transfer within the dry kiln to enable low temperature drying while reducing the drying time of traditional high temperature drying schedules by up to 25 per cent.  A lower drying temperature means radically less drying defects resulting in a higher percentage of premium and MSR grades of lumber as well as an increase in the productivity of the planer. The Kiln Booster system is easily installed on existing kilns and integrates seamlessly with current control systems. With 10 systems already installed since last year’s launch, the Kiln Booster system is a proven cost-saving solution for innovative mills that wish to significantly increase both their productivity and dry lumber quality.

Cathild’s industrial dry kilns come in different sizes and are designed for sawmills and wood transformation industries. They work with several sources of energy (wood waste, fuel, gas, electricity) that can be conducted by hot water, super heating water, high or low-pressure steam or direct gas fire. Loading is easy, either by lift truck or rail carts and even by movable kiln. Cathild offers a direct injection saturated low-pressure steam chamber or an integrated indirect steam generator, both of which are rapid, uniform and efficient.  

The DelTech ‘DPK’ Kiln utilizes low energy consumption, achieves high productivity rates, low standard deviation and reducing drying defects for “higher grade” recovery than other systems. High insulation value panels are constructed from stainless steel and high-grade aluminum. Strategically positioned stainless steel hinged baffles along with VFD powered airflow throughout the kiln chambers creates ideal atmospheric control of the process through each stage. DelTech offers various heat source options powering the multi-zone distribution system controlled by an Allen-Bradley PLC & FactoryTalk HMI. The Temposonic Load Indexing System controlling and verifying movement is located underneath the loads for protection and reliability.

Mühlböck’s drying specialists create customized drying solutions for the lumber industry. Their patented Heat Recovery creates savings up to 50 per cent in boiler capacity, cutting your energy costs in half. Mühlböck’s over 12,000 systems installed world-wide include high capacity continuous kilns, multi-purpose sideloader and longitudinal CDK kilns, and high performance kilns for exceptionally fast drying. Experts in hardwood drying, they also provide specialized lamella kilns, vacuum, steam and combined kilns, as well as sawdust and woodchip beltdryers. Parts and service are available directly from locations in both Canada and the U.S.

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