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More than 150 of USNR’s Bandsaw Monitoring Systems installed

October 3, 2019  By USNR

Less than two years after the release of BMS (Bandsaw Monitoring System), it stands clear that it is a formidable success. More than 150 units have already been installed over the world, both in USNR saws and in bandsaws from other suppliers.

BMS is proven to improve lumber size accuracy as well as saw blade service life. The Bandsaw Monitoring System controls saw blades by actively tilting the band wheels. It also detects cracks at an early stage, before they cause band rupture. The inductive sensors are protected by an enclosure and are not affected by sawdust and debris. BMS can easily be installed in new and already existing bandmill lines, processing any species in any region worldwide.

  • The inductive sensors monitor the position of the saw’s teeth in relation to the band wheel’s front edge, and detect cracks in the tooth base. Over time, incorrectly aligned saw blades will generate cracks in the tooth base as well as wear on band wheels and saw guides. BMS actively corrects the saw band’s position on the band wheel, which not only minimizes wear but also improves sawing accuracy
  • Besides the inductive sensors, BMS also includes a PLC with software for monitoring, communication and adjustment
  • The intelligent saw band control system alerts the operator to faults such as saw bands showing signs of imminent rupture
  • Detects cracks in the saw bands at an early stage, before they cause band rupture.
  • Improves lumber size accuracy
  • Minimizes wear on saw bands, band wheels and saw guides
  • Reduces saw band rupture
  • Lowers energy consumption
  • Accuracy of measurement corresponding to +/- 0.1 mm


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