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N.S. county delivers sustainability and climate championing plan

June 4, 2020  By  PJ Boyd

Photo: Annex Business Media

The forest industry in Cumberland County, N.S., has set its path to sustainability as the Future of Forestry committee delivered its strategic plan it hopes will make the industry into a climate champion, utilizing the province’s human and natural resources.

This plan to move towards a more sustainable and climate contentious  strategy was developed by 130 stakeholders over the span of over 1,000 volunteer hours during the last four months. This plan was unveiled during Sunday’s meeting, reports The Chronicle Herald.

“I’m pleasantly surprised and very happy with it,”  advisory committee co-chair Kevin Merriam, executive director of the Maritime Lumber Bureau, told The Chronicle Herald.

“I have never seen a group of people coming together from different areas and work together so well. We were always on the same page, even if we weren’t always on the same paragraph. We didn’t always agree, but we all had the same objective.”


This plan highlights six recommendations within two areas that include advancing livelihoods and communities, as well as investing in the future of the industry.

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