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Remsoft, ForestPHD partner to improve intelligence-based forest operations

Remsoft’s collaboration with ForestPHD opens new opportunities for forestry companies to drive more accurate harvest, delivery and wood flow schedules and budgets.

April 7, 2022  By Remsoft

Remsoft announced a new collaboration with Australian-based company ForestPHD, the developer of STICKS, to enable the use of forest machine data in Remsoft Forest IntelligenceTM solutions.

The partnership will improve visibility and data-based intelligence for forestry companies using Remsoft Operations SaaS software to plan and schedule their harvest and wood flow activities.

Widely used throughout Australia, New Zealand and increasingly other parts of the world, ForestPHD’s STICKS cloud solution enables data collected by forest machines to be analysed for better understanding of harvesting operations, wood flow logistics and value recovery. STICKS aggregates data from feller bunchers, harvesters, processors and forwarders that support the internationally recognized StanForD data format that is used by leading forest machine manufacturers.

Linking the machine data from STICKS with Remsoft Operations opens new opportunities to drive more accurate harvest, delivery and wood flow schedules and budgets with improved harvest unit inventory updates and forecasts, harvest productivity rates and harvesting costs.


“As forestry companies make the move from spreadsheets to intelligence-based planning in Remsoft Operations, data integration is a key focus for delivering more value,” said Doug Jones, senior VP, Remsoft. “Our collaboration with ForestPHD opens the door for clients to incorporate and extract more value from their forest machine data to inform supply chain decisions.”

“Remsoft and ForestPHD share a common interest in helping to take the guesswork out of forest operations,” said Jeremy Gibson, director, ForestPHD. “Machine data can contribute to the insights delivered in Remsoft Operations by adding visibility into the different parts of the production side of the supply chain.”

As part of the collaboration, the two companies will assess customer needs and explore other value-added opportunities.

Learn more at remsoft.com/forestry.

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