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‘Target the right audience’: Q&A with Jana Proctor

March 5, 2024  By  Jennifer Ellson

Stepping into the captivating world of forestry marketing at a young age, Jana Proctor is now the ingenious marketing Manager at Timber Specialties Limited in Campbellville, Ont. With an impressive tenure of over 18 years, Jana embodies the evolution of an industry traditionally dominated by men. She shares her journey, insights, and the exciting transformations unfolding within forestry’s vibrant landscape.

CFI: What career path led you to the marketing manager position with Timber Specialties Limited? 

I have been very lucky to grow my career with Timber Specialties. I started part-time in the marketing department shortly after graduating from university, and with great mentorship and opportunities was able to learn a lot about the business and advance into the position that I currently hold.

CFI: What inspires you to continue working in forestry? 

The people! There are such great people that work in our industry. Get them all in a room together and you can see the passion and dedication that everyone has for their work! It’s very common to be a “lifer” in this industry. Retirees often come back as consultants. I also have a passion for learning and there are great opportunities to learn more about our industry that is always changing and advancing.

CFI: Do you find there are certain challenges or hurdles for women to enter or stay in the industry? 

When I first started with Timber Specialties, it was a very male-dominated industry, but I feel like that has slowly started to change in the last 10 years, with more and more women joining the sector in a variety of roles. I am very lucky to work for a corporation that embraces diversity and inclusion. They recognize the contributions of women and people with diverse backgrounds, and both empower them to grow and reward them for their work.


CFI: What can companies do to attract and support women or other people with diverse backgrounds and to advance them into leadership?

Target the right audience and get the information out there. Reach out to local schools/institutes to introduce our industry and the vast number of jobs within it.

There are so many diverse roles within forestry that expand beyond working in the actual forest. Companies should use the power of social media to get information out about their corporate values that recognize and promote the importance of inclusion and diversity.

CFI: What advice do you have for those considering a career the forest industry, or those in the industry looking to advance? 

In the forest industry, people really believe in the work that they do – there’s a sincerity in our industry. You can see the actual impact of your role within the industry. Check out all the great careers/positions within the forestry industry. It is a vast industry with lots of positions that most people aren’t aware of. Start somewhere and see where your passion leads you. There are lots of opportunities for growth. Partake in learning opportunities that are presented to you to help you grow and advance. Join committees both within your organization and industry associations. Become a passionate expert!

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