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Tech update on planers

CFI shares the newest planers on the market

August 15, 2019  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff



Building on the success of its high-speed equipment, Gilbert has added to its product line a planer for mass timber lumber. Built to the same high-quality standards which established its reputation for its planing equipment, the Mass Timber Planer was designed to meet the high expectations of the engineered wood industry for the production of glulam timber, CLT timber and all types of beams. The equipment has a heavy-duty frame and is designed to plane mass timber up to a thickness of 16 inches and a width of 36 inches. The Gilbert Automatic Positioning System, which controls the cutterheads and axes, ensures optimal operating precision allowing for the production of high-quality lumber. Gilbert is proud to have its first planer running in a high-class glulam operation in Arkansas.



USNR’s 4200E planer offers all-electric, high-speed performance at speeds up to 4,200 feet/min, while gap-feeding or ribbon-feeding. Accommodating product sizes from 0.75 inches to six inches thick, three inches to 12 inches wide, and six feet to 24 feet long, this machine lets you change feed rolls from the operator’s side, significantly reducing change-out time. Shimless bedplates provide fast and fully-adjustable alignment. The secret to increasing productivity is feed control. USNR’s planer infeed and bridge allow for lower top speeds and reduced closing speeds, enabling the operator to change sizes and clear jams quickly for maximum productivity.


The Coastal Planer is designed for superior lumber surfacing at speeds of 3,000 feet/min. With the flexibility to ribbon feed or configure a gap, Coastal Planers provide years of consistent and reliable production. Advanced features like quick-change cutterheads, automatic set-up changes and easy-access maintenance makes your Coastal Planer user-friendly and reliable. USNR offers many Coastal Planer upgrades including electric drive conversions for both the planer and feed table, which provide consistent and configurable feed speeds and reduce maintenance. Additional upgrades include Top and Side Head Chipbreakers, Top-Head Hydraulic Pressure Plates, Side-Head Setworks, Holdown Shoes, and Guide Shoe Rapid-Adjust systems.

Atelier Fabrication RY

Atelier Fabrication RY Inc.’s modular planer stands out with its capabilities to adapt to any kind of mill. It is as efficient at high speeds (up to 2,000 feet/minute) as it is at low speeds. This equipment can be designed and fabricated with any number of cylinders and heads, and any profile required by your production. The RY-2000P modular planer features lineal roll bearing displacement to minimize wearing while a double-section in-feed table reduces unwanted vibration. Other advantages include a screwed modular assembly, provided jointers, individually motorized rolls and chromed wear parts.

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