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The CFI Podcast: JP Gladu on the future of Indigenous forestry in Canada

January 28, 2020  By CFI staff

Welcome to the first episode of The CFI Podcast!

We’re kicking things off by speaking with JP Gladu, president and CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) about all things First Nations in forestry: the current state of First Nations’ involvement in the industry, the importance of working with and engaging First Nations, best practices to follow, the impact of legislation and more.

JP Gladu (left), president and CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, and CFI’s associate editor Ellen Cools discuss First Nations’ involvement in forestry for The CFI Podcast.

“If we find ways to embrace and support Indigenous inclusion through equity, through jobs, through businesses, we become your allies, we become your biggest supporters. That’s what the power of Indigenous relationships can really bring to the table,” he told us in our conversation.

In this episode, you will find out more about how your company can engage Indigenous businesses and communities, what programs and certifications are available, and JP’s thoughts about the future of the industry.


Listen to the SoundCloud link below for the full conversation or find us on iTunes under Annex Business Media: Podcasts.

You can also stream the episode at annexbusinessmedia.com/podcasts.

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Special thanks to our sponsor, EACOM Timber Corporation. EACOM is a proud CCAB member and PAR-committed company. Find out more at EACOM.ca.

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