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Tolko mill to harness steam

Tolko, FortisBC and the City of Kelowna are teaming up to harness the steam from Tolko's plant in Kelowna.

November 26, 2012  By  John Tenpenny


“It’s actually quite a nice system where you take waste heat, capture it and convert that heat into a water source,” FortisBC spokesman, Neal Pobran told Global CHBC. “You just pipe that water underground and bring it in through the buildings, convert the water back into forced air and heat it throughout the building.”

The plan has been in the works for three years and will require some major infrastructure upgrades including a web of new piping, all on FortisBC’s tab, meaning it won’t cost city taxpayers a cent. Money aside, the city says the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The plan still needs approval from the BC Utilities Commission but if it is approved, more than a dozen buildings including Prospera Place would be first in line. Private buildings would also be considered.


If all goes according to plan, the $26 million dollar thermal project could get underway by next spring.

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