Wood Business

Virtual Event
Women in Forestry 2023
March 7, 2023 at 11:00am EST

Panel discussion: The secret weapon to success on DEI

Speakers: Kelly Cooper, Founder and President, Centre for Social Intelligence 
  • Tina Rasmussen, Chief Business Officer, Meadow Lake Tribal Council Industrial Investments
  • Kyle Broome, Partner, Cabin Resource Management
  • Adrienne Maskalyk, Vice-President Forestry, GeoVerra
It's time to get your ninja on! Come learn how to quickly shift the workplace culture to be more welcoming to all people. This session will explain what allyship means, provide tips on how to be an effective ally and let you hear directly from executives on what they are doing to make their companies, and the forest sector, a magnet for top talent.

Tina Rasmussen
Tina Rasmussen is from Green Lake, SK., and a proud member of the Flying Dust First Nation. Tina has always focused on her traditional homeland and economic development as a necessity to moving indigenous communities and individuals forward.

Tina is the Chief Business Officer for MLTC Industrial Investments, the Economic Development arm of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council. She has a diverse background of experience. Having spent 15 years as a municipal Chief Operating Officer, 20 years involved in Saskatchewan’s Health Authority Board Keewatin Yatthe and 9 years with Northern Lights Board of Education. She continues as a Board Member with Beaver River Community Futures supporting small business development in her home region. Tina brings a wealth of experience in a variety of fields and many connections to the Indigenous communities of Northern Saskatchewan. In addition Tina holds a BA Advanced from the U of S, a Certificate in Local Government Authority from the U of R and is certified as a Professional Economic Developer for Saskatchewan.

In her capacity as Chief Business Officer, Tina focuses on creating new partnerships and business opportunities for the MLTC membership in a variety of areas to ensure diversification and a strong MLTC presence. She believes strongly in developing the participation of Indigenous people and communities in the economic fabric of our province and our country and is working to advance this at every opportunity.

Kyle Broome
Kyle’s role at Cabin has evolved from project manager on multi-phase layout contracts to general manager. He has 16 years’ experience in forest resource management with emphasis on timber development and wildfire. Kyle has successfully supervised and managed large-scale, multi-phase timber development contracts on the Coast and in the Southern Interior BC. He has worked on strategic, landscape-level Total Resource and Total Chance Plans as well as worked innumerable days in the field engineering roads and harvest systems. His recent focus is on wildfire management and planning, drafting Community Wildfire Protection Plans, fuel management prescriptions and fuel management implementation supervision.

In his role as partner and director of meaningfulness at Cabin, he is focused on recruitment, business development and internal systems.

Kelly Cooper
Kelly Cooper (she/her) is the founder and president of the Centre for Social Intelligence (CSI). Ms. Cooper works with leaders and change agents to create a diversity and inclusion (D&I) transformation within their organizations. She recently authored a book entitled Lead the Change – The Competitive Advantage of Gender Diversity and Inclusion.  It targets decisionmakers to explain the value proposition and provides a blueprint on how to take action.

She is the D&I expert co-leading the Free to Grow in Forestry Initiative with the CIF and was a finalist last year for the Women of Inspiration Awards. She is also the podcast host for Free to Grow in Forestry and brings in great guests that help us learn the perspectives of everyone in the forest sector – from the C-suite, to transgender and gays, as well as other D&I experts that explain the links between things like gender base violence and how corporations have a role in changing that, as well as allyship, and racism.

Adrienne Maskalyk
Adrienne Maskalyk is a registered professional forester in Alberta and is the vice-president of forestry and environment at GeoVerra, one of Canada’s largest geomatics firms. With a background in forestry and expert knowledge of land use management, Adrienne has been drawn to building solutions for her clients wherever industry meets timber. With over 20 years in forestry and environmental consulting, Adrienne provides solutions for clients across numerous industries by liaising with partners, stakeholders, landowners, Indigenous communities, and government sectors.

Adrienne graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.Sc (Forestry) in 2000, and she followed up with an applied degree in GIS from SAIT. Her early experiences as a young professional in a male-dominated industry helped frame her vision for leadership. Her early management experiences as part of a small consulting firm formed an opportunity for learning and development of her own style which she continues to implement today at her current role. Adrienne offers strong leadership and a collaborative approach with her multi-disciplinary team of natural resource professionals.