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March 8, 2024 at 11:00am EST


About the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) 

FSC is a non-profit organization that provides a proven sustainable forest management solution. Currently, over 46 million hectares of forest across Canada are certified according to FSC’s standard. It is widely regarded as the most rigorous forest certification system among NGOs, consumers, and businesses alike to tackle today’s deforestation, climate, and biodiversity challenges. The FSC forest management standard is based on ten core principles designed to address a broad range of environmental, social and economic factors. FSC’s “check tree” label is found on thousands of forest-based products and verifies that they are sustainably sourced, from forest to consumer. www.ca.fsc.org

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FSC ensures that women and men have equal rights and possibilities in certified companies

FSC Canada’s national forest stewardship standard requires that forest companies maintain or enhance the social and economic wellbeing of all workers, including gender equity.

All FSC certificate holders are required to:

  • Offer job opportunities to both women and men under the same conditions;
  • Actively promote gender equity in employment practices, training opportunities, awarding of contracts, process of engagement, and management activities;
  • Implement confidential and effective mechanisms for reporting and eliminating cases of sexual harassment and discrimination based on gender, marital status, parenthood, or sexual orientation
  • Ensure a safe working environment for employees, contractors, and sub-contractors.

While regulations like these are considered best practices for many larger organizations, gaps still exist between theory and practice. Third-party audits during the FSC certification process, help to act as a check and balance ensuring all requirements are met, including gender equity.

Learn more FSC and gender equity here: https://ca.fsc.org/ca-en/making-a-difference/gender-equity-and-workers-rights