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Waratah Forestry Equipment releases new H415HD harvester head

July 6, 2020  By Waratah Forestry Equipment

Waratah Forestry Equipment unveiled the new H415HD, a heavy-duty harvesting head with new features and options to suit customer feedback and rugged application needs.

“The new H415HD extends durability to our customers providing another configuration to suit their needs and bolster uptime within the size class of 400 Series model Waratah heads,” said Brent Fisher, product marketing manager for Waratah. “We’ll continue to offer the H415 and H415X models, and the new H415HD will be an additional option for our customers looking for that heavy-duty performer for wheeled harvester applications.”

New features

Waratah H415HD harvester head

Waratah H415HD harvester head

To increase durability across the range, the frame on the H415HD as well as the H415 and H415X have been strengthened at several locations based on customer feedback – providing more durability and increased uptime. The H415HD’s base weight is 1401 kg (3,089 lb.), which is 71 kg (157 lb.) more than the standard H415.


Standard features of the H415HD include an HD tilt frame with thicker steel plate, expander pins for upper tilt cylinder, feed roller arms, and lower delimbing knives – to improve pin durability and frame longevity. Additionally, HD feed motor and hose guards help improve durability.

Likewise, to lengthen the service life of the saw bar and alleviate interference in some applications, the H415HD’s saw position was changed to provide more room between the saw bar and stem. All three configurations of the H415 heads now feature the possibility for a wider saw bar and improved saw chain tensioning to reduce chain loss, bar wear and promote more operational productivity.

The models also share a lower saw box height (30 mm / 1 in.) creating lower stump height and more wood recovery. This is complemented by an improved lower delimbing knife profile for larger stem sizes.

Expanded options

In addition to being featured on the H415HD, select new features of this model can be configured for the H415 and H415X. Some are also compatible with older H415 harvester heads and can be purchased through spare parts sales.

“With these options for the H415, H415X and the new H415HD, Waratah is providing customers the configurable head they need to increase efficiency and uptime,” Fisher said. “The H415HD is delivering what our customers are telling us they need.”

The Waratah H415HD is currently available to customers in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Asia Pacific, Brazil and Latin America.

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