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Tigercat’s latest leveling system lighter and less expensive
Tigercat Industries has released a new leveling undercarriage, and with it, a new track carrier model well suited for the steep slopes and challenging terrain found in many Canadian regions. The R6152L leveling undercarriage shares the same design elements as Tigercat’s R7150L undercarriage first introduced in 2000, and found on the L830C and L870C machines. The main objective in creating the new system is to reduce weight while providing a lower cost leveling undercarriage to work well with the smaller platforms offered by Tigercat. It uses F8 (D6 sized) track components and many common parts with the larger R7150L leveling system. Also the bottom corner of the track drive motor housing is clipped, preventing the undercarriage from plowing a furrow through the soil, thus leaving more power for hill climbing. This new system has been mated to an 822C platform, and this first LX822C is working in mountainous terrain in BC’s southeastern Interior to good early reviews. More info at www.tigercat.com.


Wear block retrofit improves skidder snubber

The snubber experts at Prolenc have a new Prolenc 500 Series snubber designed primarily for Tigercat wheel skidders using 500 Series snubber assemblies. The original square (B3T-180S) wear block can be upgraded to a wedge-style wear block (# B3T-1410). The original slot anchor must be torch cut and ground to fit the 5-degree wedge angle. This eliminates repair welding and regrinding of the slot to the original 2-in square and provides a stable, stationary lock between the wedge block and anchor.  More info at www.quadco.com.


Cat acquires Blount…at last
Caterpillar Inc. announced last fall that it is acquiring the assets of Blount’s Forestry Division, including two manufacturing plants, a sales office, a service parts warehouse and product support operation in North America, as well as an attachment manufacturing plant in Sweden. The deal includes Blount’s full forestry line, including Prentice branded loaders and the cut-to-length (CTL) line formed from Fabtek and Votec heritage. It comes as no surprise to most in the industry who have watched the two manufacturers come increasingly close together through a series of manufacturing and marketing alliances.
Cat’s vice president on the forestry side, John Heller, says the agreement will “provide greater opportunities for integrating Caterpillar’s state-of-the-art design and components into the forestry products that have previously been manufactured by Blount.” Cat confirmed to CFI Magazine that there are no immediate plans to change the available product line, while for his part, Blount Industrial and Power Equipment Group president Dennis Eagan says Blount “dealers and customers can expect a smooth transition of ownership, and will be well served by Caterpillar.” More info at www.cat.com.


Olofsfors handles own track products

Starting Jan. 1, 2008, all Olofsfors ECO-Track and ECO-Wheel Track products will be sold by Olofsfors Inc. in North America. A new company, Olofsfors Inc., has been established in Brantford, ON, in partnership with Hultdins Inc. and Olofsfors AB of Sweden. It will be run by the same dedicated people who have brought the industry Olofsfors track products through Hultdins Inc. Olofsfors AB is a world leader in track products for rubber tire forest machines, and Olofsfors Inc. will be the North American headquarters for Olofsfors track products, with an established production facility and dedicated marketing personnel. Call 519-754-2190 to reach Olofsfors Inc.


CAN-CRANK will help you start this winter
The CANTEC CAN-CRANK is an additional power source to be installed next to your vehicle batteries, providing consistent cranking power over the service life of the battery. It gets its power from your battery, and discharges it as needed. According to the manufacturer, they have a virtually unlimited charge/discharge cycle life, and can be recharged even by depleted batteries. They are also unaffected by cold weather, and maintain cranking power right down to -45 celsius. 
More info at www.cantecsystems.com/can-crank.html.

HTH624 C meant for the big wood

Waratah Forestry Attachments has added a new processing/harvesting head to its HTH600 series of proven heads. The HTH624 C is based on the proven HTH624, a head tested in years of production harvesting in larger, second-growth timber. This makes the HTH624 C capable in big trees and tough species, at home cutting through large timber or processing up to a 71-cm (28-in) diameter stem. The powerful attachment can fell trees up to 75 cm (30 in), and is most productive in wood 50 cm (20 in) or bigger. Key improvements are: Topping saw cut capacity increased from 40 to 50 cm (16 to 20 in); C design sawbox to improve harvester applications; stronger tilt bracket and delimb knives; relocated head module for better vibration protection; better hose routing; and lower cost spare parts and more commonality. More info at www.waratah.net.

November 21, 2011  By  Cheryl Quinn

Tigercat Industries has released a new leveling undercarriage

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