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Times are as tough as they’ve ever been, but hiding away in our own isolated worlds is not the answer. Instead, a broad coalition of industry players is organizing a major conference, expo, and get-together this September in Quebec City. It deserves all the support we can muster.  
When the going gets tough, the tough get...together. At least that’s what they’re doing in Quebec. The organizers of several established and successful forestry and sawmilling trade shows and conferences have come together to create one super event in Quebec City this September called Wood Week 2009. The goal is to make things easier for everyone involved, from machinery and technology suppliers who can focus on one event in Eastern Canada, to industry members who can now cover several sectors, and attend several conferences, all with one trip to a great tourist centre. The event will include:

  • Logfor 2009: The premier event for professional loggers – this is not a country fair.
  • InterSaw 2009: The national sawmilling and solid wood products show.
  • Biomass Canada: The first-ever national biomass show, a separate indoor/outdoor pavilion sponsored by Canadian Biomass Magazine.
  • Demo Forêt 2000: This unique mix of business and social event comes south from Dolbeau for 09, including the massive industry gala.
  • Conferences galore: Day-long conferences organized by industry experts on logging, sawmilling, and biomass/bioenergy, organized by Demo Forêt 2000’s Michel Mallette with cooperation from FPInnovations, Laval University, PREfoRT, and the Charlesbourg Transport Training Centre.

This impressive industry event takes place from September 10-12, 2009, at the Centres de foires de Québec, Expo Cité in Quebec City, as well as several nearby locations, and is a partnership between Master Promotions (organizers of Logfor, Intersaw, Atlantic Heavy, and DEMO International) and Demo Forêt 2000. Exclusive media sponsors and showguides are Canadian Forest Industries, Canadian Wood Products, Opérations forestieres et de scierie, Canadian Biomass, and L’Industrie Forestière, a regional magazine affiliated with Demo Forêt 2000 in Dolbeau, reaching a combined potential audience of well over 30,000 industry players.

A broad range of industry partners have also come on board to endorse the event, including the Quebec Forest Industry Council, Laval University (hosts of DEMO 2004), PREfoRT, the Canadian Association of Equipment Distributors (Quebec), and the office of Quebec’s Chief Forester. The event will feature several large networking opportunities as well, including a VIP reception at the trade show and a massive industry dinner at the new wooden-construction Chauveau Stadium. All together, it presents the industry in just the right light to the general public, potential recruits, the next generation of contractors and innovators, and others whose opinions of our troubled industry matter. It makes us look dynamic, down but not out, forward-looking, united, and resilient.

In a year that has seen many long-standing industry events cancelled, postponed, or significantly down-sized, it’s a pleasant surprise to see one event grow stronger and larger through co-operation and integration. With luck, and our support as an industry, it should grow in the future to become the key eastern Canadian forest sector event, a one-stop shop that will benefit busy industry members and suppliers alike.

We’ll be there in force, and hope to see as many familiar faces as possible.

Scott Jamieson,
Group Publisher/Editorial Director
1-888-599-2228, ext 24

November 14, 2011  By  Scott Jamieson

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