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Carbotech upgrades pneumatic lug loader

Oct. 12, 2016 - For the last 20 years, Carbotech’s electric and pneumatic lug loader has been very appreciated in the market. Developed and patented by Gemofor, this rotary lug loader using pneumatic rotors activating a variety of clamps has always been well in demand due to its user friendly advantages and by the fact that it doesn’t use any hydraulic. In 2007, Carbotech acquired the know-how and patents of Gemofor.

October 12, 2016  By Carbotech

Based on that well proven mechanical technology, Carbotech has been R&D a revolutionary upgrade focusing on skew control. Thanks to Cognex reading capacity, Carbotech has modified its lug loader operation so all clamps, all stop gates and all wheels are now activated independently. This means only the infeed lengths of timber will dictate which clamps and stop gates need to be activated. That new system is now supported by the latest version of M12 connectors to ensure the quickest and most reliable Ethernet communication to an integrated PLC on that lug loader 2.0.

Backlog control will ensure you a better lug loader efficiency
In addition to Carbotech’s new clamping and communication technology, the back log control management is probably one of the most important sections if you want to reach a decent efficiency at your lug loader. By knowing that, Carbotech developed (patent pending) a new system using near ends and far ends independent drives all controlled by celling cameras and lasers. Depending of desired speed and lengths variations, Carbotech skew control system will use 6 VFD drives over 3 transfers to regulate back log pressure, widths detections and skew control.

Innovation listening to our clientele
Over the last few years, North American market has forced us to innovate towards automatization and speed. The main focus was to take our existing equipment and upgrade them so they can be as automatic as possible and reliable at over 260 LPM at the planer mill or at least over 170 LPM at the sawmill. Labor reductions and production increase (within the same footprints) were the main payback arguments. This is why Carbotech came out over the last few years with our fully automatic electric high speed continuous tilt hoist; automatic stick and dunnage recuperation system; Cognex skew and flow control (avoiding operator manipulations); operator free lug loader; sorter management controlled by the stacker operator; fully automatic sawmill stick system with high speed stackers and many more.

A great first step in terms of innovation is customer feedback and site operators’ ideas. Operators and site superintendents are the only ones who work the equipment full time. There is no better feedback in terms of wearing innovations that could be done on an equipment or operational upgrades out of specific production. Carbotech’s focus is to maintain a very close relationship with its clientele so we can find out, if needed, upgrades that could be brought to existing or future Carbotech’s equipment.


Carbotech specializes in maximizing production operations and efficiency for high-speed sawmill and planer mill lumber handling. Working continually to develop new ideas and patents, Carbotech is a guaranteed one-of-a-kind partner in this market. They have an amazing workforce over 120 employees that they can rely on no matter what. Their mission over the past 30 years has focused on the following four principles: speed, precision, know-how and toughness. Carbotech has a number of business partners, parts & service distribution centers as well as mechanical intervention centers to cover their markets around the world. For more information, please visit www.carbotech.ca

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