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Deepen ties with China: FPAC

A leading forestry association is calling on the Canadian government to strengthen economic ties with China, something it says the forestry industry is already doing.

August 15, 2012  By CNW

The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) is urging the government to follow through on the conclusion of the Canada-China Economic Complementarities Study, which states that Canada and China should continue to strengthen their bilateral trade and investment ties. Canadian forest companies are already working hard to deepen relations with the lucrative consumer market in China.

Increased exports are also essential for the forest products industry to reach its Vision2020 goal of generating an additional $20 billion in economic activity from new innovations and growing markets.

“Growing our exports to overseas markets, especially China, is vital to our Vision and the future prospects of Canada’s forest products sector,” says Catherine Cobden, the President and CEO of FPAC. “We agree with this study which highlights the benefit of deeper Canada-China trade and investment ties.”

Forest products are already Canada’s number one export sector to China. Since the year 2001 the industry has increased its wood exports to China by 45 times. Total Canadian forest products exports to China exceeded $4 Billion in 2011.


“We truly appreciate the important role the federal government has already played in supporting the sector’s market diversification efforts overseas especially in China,” says Cobden “Record-high sales of Canadian forest products to China are creating jobs and economic opportunities for Canadians especially in rural communities that rely on the health of the forest sector”.

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