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DEMO 2016 ahead of schedule

December 14, 2015 - With over 10 months still to go, DEMO International 2016 is well ahead of previous events regarding site preparation and exhibit sales. In fact, as of the last DEMO 2016 advisory committee meeting on Dec. 14, there was only one active logging site left, while site developers were working on the loop to fit in some more static sites for a growing waiting list. 

“Overall the interest and sales momentum has been excellent in the event,” said show manager Mark Cusack. “We’re working with the host [UBC Forestry] looking at options for the active and static sites for the late rush we typically get at our spring site selection meeting so we have room for them.”

The three-kilometre loop is currently quite tight with both active and static exhibitors, adding up to a site with no dead spots and lots of gear in a compact space.

DEMO International 2016 will be held from September 22 to 24 at the Albion Fairgrounds in Maple Ridge, B.C. with the pre-DEMO conference slotted right before in Vancouver. For more information, accommodations and to see photo galleries of the 2016 site or the 2012 active DEMO, visit www.demointernational.com.

December 14, 2015  By  Andrew Snook

As of the last DEMO 2016 advisory committee meeting on Dec. 14

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