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Fecon introduces new stump grinder

Sept 3, 2013 - Fecon has made an addition to its stump grinder product line - the SH360 Excavator Stumper. The SH360 mounts to any 20+Ton excavator via a bolt-on mount custom fit to the particular excavator. Hydraulics and drive train can be set up for the power provided by the excavator in the 45-65gpm range and up to 5500psi. For ultimate performance the SH360 can be set up for the Fecon BHP170 and BHP250 self-contained powerpacks with Fecon Power Management that deliver 65-105gpm.

The SH360 is designed for those hard to reach stumps that cannot be safely accessed with normal stumper carriers. It is a compliment to the Fecon line of stumpers for skid steers and small to large prime movers.

September 3, 2013  By  Amie Silverwood

SH360 with optional debris trap Fecon adds the SH360 Excavator Stumper to its stump grinder product line.

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