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First Nation’s Major Project Coalition, Canada’s Forest Trust Corp launch partnership

April 23, 2024  By Canada's Forest Trust Corporation

Photo: Annex Business Media.

In a shared commitment to fostering a world where nature flourishes and supports a sustainable future, First Nation’s Major Project Coalition (FNMPC) and Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation (CFT) are launching their Forest Growth Partnership. This partnership aims to bolster environmental and forest conservation efforts, coinciding with their 7th annual conference.

The FNMPC is set to host its largest conference yet in Toronto, attracting over 1,500 participants. Recognizing the environmental impact of such a large-scale event, including a significant carbon footprint generated over two days, FNMPC is dedicated to giving back to the planet.

For the first time, CFT will assist in this endeavour by planting and safeguarding over 3,000 trees across an area equivalent to 30 basketball courts. This initiative will not only restore natural habitats but also sequester and store approximately 820 tonnes of carbon dioxide—roughly the amount emitted by 6,165 flights between Toronto and Ottawa.

This forest-building initiative underscores the profound environmental influence that businesses can achieve by integrating nature-centric approaches into their strategies.


“Recognizing our conference’s environmental footprint, it is crucial that we take steps to reduce these impacts,” said Niilo Edwards, CEO of the FNMPC. “Our partnership with CFT also deepens our dialogue about the advantages that arise from collaborations between companies like CFT and First Nation organizations and enterprises.”

This partnership also highlights CFT’s efforts to create meaningful, effective and economically productive partnerships with First Nation communities and businesses.

“Through profitable and innovative partnerships with Indigenous communities and businesses, we are committed to sharing knowledge and supporting the continued work of Indigenous peoples across Canada,” said Gary Zed, founder and CEO of Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation. “We encourage all Canadian businesses to do the same.”

Under the theme of Our Collective Advantage: Indigenous Consent, this year’s FNMPC conference will discuss First Nations communities’ roles in sustainable development and showcase the real-time benefits of these collaborative efforts on the climate, economy, society, and health.

“By integrating Indigenous values and consent, we not only honour the rightful stewards of our lands but also pave the way for a sustainable model that respects both economic and environmental thresholds,” said Niilo. “This partnership is a powerful example of how environmental stewardship and business can come together for the greater good.”

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