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HewSaw to Fill Order from Australia

In January 2012, HewSaw will deliver a HewSaw SL250 TRIO sawing line to Bombala in New South Wales on the southeast coast of Australia. The agreement was signed on April 29, 2011.

July 9, 2012  By Taina Taskinen

The model to be supplied, a sawing line with true scan-n-set, is similar to the one that HewSaw delivered to the French Farges sawmill in 2009 and to Vapo Timber Oy sawmill at Hankasalmi, Finland, in the spring of 2011. HewSaw and the customer, Dongwha Timbers, through TASCO, share a long history of co-operation. TASCO (The Australian Sawmilling Company) has successfully operated the HewSaw R200 SE saw machine since 1998. Dongwha Timbers and TASCO are owned by the Korean Dongwha International Co Ltd. The construction work began in August 2011, and the project is scheduled to finish in December 2012.

The delivery includes a log sorting line, sawmill infeed system and ground floor handling system including chip screens and off-line chipper provided by Nordautomation Oy as well as the new VK8000HD-Combi-3R debarker by Valon Kone Oy. The debarker comes complete with a log butt-end reducer and two Air Seal debarking rotors with pneumatic blade pressure.

The groundbreaking ceremony at the Namu project in Bombala, NSW, Australia. The project will expand Dongwha Timbers’ Sandy Lane sawmill.

Nordautomation Oy will deliver the Combi sawmill infeed system and conveyors for the ground floor system and the lumber conveyors to the HewSaw sawing line. In addition to the log infeed, a sorting line with 10 + 1 log bins is integrated into the Combi sawmill infeed system. The line speed is 150 metres per minute. The versatile and flexible solution has been tailored to the customer’s needs.

HewSaw’s turnkey delivery also includes automation and the log scanning equipment. The automation will be delivered by TUI Technology from New Zealand and the log scanning equipment and optimizing will be provided by Prologic+ from Canada. Both companies have been HewSaw’s partners in a number of projects over the years.


Kit-Sell Oy has separately agreed on the delivery of a dimension sorting plant and a sticking plant, which will be turnkey deliveries. The plants will use Kit-Sell’s most advanced timber handling technology, such as the modular TS21 trimmer and SCPB sorting conveyor. The maximum speed of the dimension sorting plant is 160 pieces per minute and, depending on the timber dimension, the sticking plant can reach the speed of 240 pieces per minute. The project is an international and co-operative one. The machinery and equipment will be manufactured in Kitee at the Kit-Sell plant.

The Namu project in Bombala will expand Dongwha Timbers’ Sandy Lane sawmill and involves the construction of a green mill, drying kilns, impregnation plant and planer as well as the construction of the surrounding infrastructure. Namu is Korean for Tree. The sawmill processes Radiata Pine. The production is expected to increase to 150,000 square metres per annum of sawn lumber single shift by year 2015.

The value of the Finnish machine deliveries is over 20 million Euros, which makes it one of the biggest exported Finnish sawmill machinery deliveries to date.

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