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Link-Belt Forestry designs 40B Series for peak performance, operator safety

April 19, 2024 in Features Industry News New Gear News

Link-Belt Forestry has introduced the all-new 40B Series, a significant leap forward in forestry equipment. The series prioritizes increased productivity, enhanced operator safety, and improved serviceability, making it a powerful and user-friendly option for any logging operation.

Boosting productivity

One of the 40B Series’ most striking features is its focus on getting more done. The 4040B TL leads the charge with up to 21 per cent increase in engine horsepower compared to previous models. This translates to raw power that tackles tough jobs with ease. The 5040B TL boasts dual swing motors, ensuring ample torque for efficient shovel logging and smooth incline operation.

All 40B Series models benefit from a comprehensive cooling system upgrade to handle increased power demands. This includes an enlarged ventilation area, a strategically relocated A/C condenser, and optimized airflow management for the engine intake. These improvements ensure the machine performs optimally during extended operation.

Unmatched visibility with the WAVES System

Safety is paramount in the forest industry, and the 40B Series takes a significant step forward by integrating the WAVES system. This technology provides the operator with a seamless 270-degree bird’s-eye view, eliminating blind spots and enhancing situational awareness, creating a safer work environment for the operator and those around them. Additionally, the structure features minimal camera overhangs and strategically placed counterweights to safeguard cameras from potential damage, ensuring the system’s reliability.

Enhanced serviceability and reduced downtime

The 40B Series streamlines maintenance routines, minimizing downtime and running your operation smoothly. Dual-sided fuel filling, accessible from either side of the cab, offers convenience in various work settings. The door screen removes effortlessly without tools, and the new air breather simplifies maintenance by requiring only a standard machine key. An oil level sensor conveniently located within the cab provides real-time information for the operator, eliminating the need for manual checks.

The redesigned arm utilizes simplified piping with fewer bends, making dealer replacements and repairs faster and easier. An enhanced lower structure and a new sprocket design advance the machine’s durability by facilitating mud evacuation. The 4040B, 4640B, and 5040B models include a widened lower structure for stability. Finally, a flush motor cover and increased ground clearance minimize branch and rock interference, ensuring smooth operation even in challenging terrain.

The Link-Belt 40B Series represents a commitment to innovation and excellence in the forestry equipment industry. These machines are built to empower loggers to achieve new levels of efficiency and success.

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