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Logset launches new wheel harvester

July 23, 2019  By Logset Oy

Logset Oy has been increasing its manufacturing volumes by 30 per cent. Yet Logset has been creating the best ever financial year in 2018, and 2019 will be even better. At the same time, Logset has been able to increase its product range, by launching a new wheel harvester, the 8H GTE Hybrid. A medium-size class harvester with a parallel electric solution, which can develop up to 422-hp – the most powerful harvester for its size class – the Hybrid solution brings multiple advantages to the owner and operator:


With the hybrid system as an integrated part of the machine´s diesel engine, the Logset Hybrid harvester offers a 45 per cent increase in power and 39 per cent increase in torque. The hybrid system allows us to increase the power of the entire machine without increasing the size of the diesel engine. Yet the dimensions are the same for a regular Logset 8H GTE, meaning very compact.


All the peak loads on the harvester´s working cycle are compensated by the electric motor. The electric motor gives a power boost to the harvester when the workload requires it. When the diesel engine runs at a constant pace. the harvester is saving fuel. The fuel saving can be up to 25 per cent, which means lower running costs compared to traditional technology. The hybrid harvester maintains the regular working pace even with large trees, which increases its productivity.

Environmentally friendly

For every wooden piece of furniture and every house being built, there is timber to be harvested. There is an urgent need to reduce the environmental footprint of harvesters. As the only manufacturer of hybrid harvesters, Logset is the forerunner in sustainable forestry, delivering a real sustainable way to produce timber without compromising productivity. The hybrid technology of the Logset hybrid harvesters significantly reduces the fuel consumption and emissions per felled cubic meter, which benefits both the owner and the environment.


Logset is looking for further dealer in North America, to increase and serve better its customers. All inquiries can be sent to Pascal Rety CEO Logset Inc. at pascal.rety@logset.com

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