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Lucidyne scanner with Microtec AI to be installed at Cal-Tex Lumber

March 20, 2023  By Cal-Tex Lumber

Cal-Tex Lumber, a leading SYP producing lumber mill, is streamlining production processes, minimizing downtime, reducing trim loss, and increasing product consistency with the purchase of a Microtec Lucidyne scanner for installation in its Nacogdoches, Texas facility.

The Lucidyne scanner, equipped with Microtec AI and the QC Assist quality control tool, offers unparalleled precision and efficiency in wood processing and quality control, allowing Cal-Tex Lumber to get the most value and recovery out of their system. Cal-Tex Lumber is committed to investing in the latest technology and processes to remain a leader in the wood processing industry. With a history of efficiency, innovation, and a commitment to producing high-quality southern yellow pine products, Cal-Tex Lumber has a high standard for the systems used in their mills. Cal-Tex Lumber Company and Microtec have a long relationship, with the first Lucidyne grade mark reader being installed in 1991. Over the years, these GMR systems have been upgraded to the latest version.

Cal-Tex Lumber mentioned their excitement about the newest project and how it will improve their grading efficiency. The Lucidyne scanner will be installed near the beginning of 2024.


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