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More details released on the CWF’s 99th AGM

March 13, 2018 - Deon Hamlyn, chairperson of the Logging Operati ons Group (LOG) invites all harves ting & silviculture contractors, forest truckers and suppliers to attend the 2018 Spring Mee ting.

Program Highlights!
As a forestry contractor, the opening plenary session will focus on two primary topics that impact the way you operate and run your business; namely the ability to maintain our 'social license' and carry out forestry opera ons in a sustainable manner, and the health and wellness of your employees and the impacts on your teams producti vity and your bottom line!

If you are a logger, the LOG will include:

  • Lots of take-home prac tical ti ps from leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers showcasing the capabiliti es & benefits of their products / services in relati on to machine control, data loggers and machine telema tics;
  • Insights and perspec tives from a forestry contractor who has been in business for over 30 + years;
  • Sugges tions on how to set realisti c expectati ons & performance measures, as well as proven techniques on coaching and mo tivati ng your crew;
  • A refresher on best prac ces on handling fuel in your opera ons;
  • How to transfer knowledge and experience from one genera on to another through a mentoring program.

If you operate a truck or own a fleet moving roundwood or chips from roadside to mill:
  • Updates on new technologies and best prac tices from leading truck and trailer manufacturers;
  • A trucking company's success in running a self-loading B-train configurati on;
  • Progress on forest trucking from industry representa ves in both Nova Sco tia and New Brunswick;
  • A forest trucking safety session focusing on brakes, tire maintenance, risk assessment, new tools and technologies and key safety messages.

Plan to attend the 2018 Spring Meeti ng; the only mee ting of its kind that brings forestry contractors and woodlands personnel together to focus on running safe, efficient and profitable woodlands opera tions.

For program details and registrati on, visit www.cwfcof.org

March 13, 2018  By Canadian Woodlands Forum

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