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New Track Type Tractor Simulator System

Morton, Ill.-based Simformotion™ LLC, a leader in heavy equipment simulator training solutions, has announced the release of its new Track Type Tractor Cat® Simulator System.
Operators can practice and learn training exercises native to the machine in a heavy equipment environment: controls familiarization, machine walkaround, blade steering, steering and maneuvering, level and straight dozing, slot dozing, ripping, backfilling, dozing over a high wall and a special Open Training mode.

November 9, 2011  By  Cheryl Quinn


Combined with state-of-the-art hardware and rich graphics, the PC-based simulator system offers the user the most engaging experience in virtual training today!

Simformotion president Ken Pflederer says, “Using simulators as part of an end-to-end training program can provide immediate cost savings to an organization’s bottom line by reducing fuel costs and machine wear-and-tear; keeping actual machines in production; and allowing organizations to train multiple operators on multiple machines at one time.” He adds,“Simulator training is the best way to protect personnel, machines and property from mishaps and unplanned costs caused by an untrained or undertrained operator.”

Organizations that are training heavy equipment operators will find simulator training is an important building block in their overall training curriculum. The unique hardware and software combination offers operators a safe way to train any time day or night and without regard for the weather. Each training exercise on the Track Type Tractor simulator measures and records the operator’s simulation sessions so instructors, administrators and the user can see the results. Instructors can identify inefficiencies or weaknesses so the operator can focus on training to correct or strengthen the areas before training on actual dozers.

In addition to the Track Type Tractor, Cat Simulators are available in models for the Hydraulic Excavator, Off-Highway and Mining Trucks, M-Series Motor Grader, Small and Large Wheel Loaders and Wheel Tractor-Scraper. For more information, visit www.catsimulators.com.


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