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Ontario, federal government negotiating agreement to conserve woodland caribou

March 14, 2022  By  Ellen Cools

The government of Ontario and the Canadian government are working towards an agreement to collaborate on measures that will protect the threatened woodland caribou population.

According to TBnewswatch.com, the proposal includes measures that will help enhance caribou conservation in a way that will mitigate the socioeconomic impacts on communities and measures the impacts on different industries and projects, including the forest industry.

The Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association has concerns about the proposal, arguing that an agreement that would endorse the federal government’s definition of a “self-sustaining” caribou population could devastate the province’s economy. The organization says further action by the federal government is necessary because Ontario already has legislation in place to protect species at risk like the woodland caribou. They are also calling for consultation with the forest industry, other stakeholders and Indigenous communities on the agreement before it is signed.

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