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Rundown on road graders

Canadian Forest Industries shares the latest advancements for road building

June 10, 2019  By CFI staff

CASE Construction

John Deere

The powerful 772G/GP Motor Grader is ideal for building and maintaining logging roads, tackling tough conditions with ease. Six-wheel-drive puts the power to the ground and takes full advantage of machine weight to pull through tough spots, tackle steep hills and is adjustable on the fly to meet ever-changing soil conditions. The automatic differential lock stays engaged when traveling straight, disengages in turns and re-engages when straight. Large service doors and same-side daily checkpoints with ground-level access simplifies service in the woods, while the cooling package and reversing fan keeps timber debris off the coolers and prevents overheating.



In November 2018, Caterpillar introduced the model 140 Motor Grader, which features familiar lever controls and a steering wheel. This model complements the joystick models providing control choices and is available in rear tandem or all-wheel drive. The 140 also offers up to 20 per cent lower maintenance costs with new filtration, extended service intervals and optional reversing fan. A suite of technologies is available on the 140 and all Caterpillar motor graders to help the operators get the job done faster and more accurately. Motor graders available from Caterpillar can be configured to the meet the application and jobsite need.

CASE Construction

The CASE 836C and 856C motor graders include several innovative features that help simplify operation and allow operators to focus on precision and jobsite safety. An Ergopower transmission and torque converter provide smooth automatic shifting, and a 100 per cent automatic differential lock combined with automatic no-spin power splitting instantly transfers torque from a slipping tire to one with more traction without any operator intervention. The AWD models feature a “Creep Mode,” that engages just the front wheels at the push of a button, allowing the machine to move at extremely slow speeds to finish grading and applications with exceptionally tight tolerances.


Mauldin is proud to be releasing its newly designed four-wheeled grader, the M415XT, later this year in 2019. The M415XT is built on the same proven design of the M413XT. The new M415XT is powered by a Cummins T4F 130-hp engine. The M415XT is now designed with two solid axles for the front and rear. Both axles have steering capabilities allowing for four-wheel steering and crab walking. The M415XT hydraulic functions are now controlled by a new single joy stick to allow for easy and precise control. Contact your local Mauldin Dealer for more information.


The LeeBoy 695B Motor Grader provides precise performance and ruggedness in a time-tested design. This unit is equipped with a 130-hp Cummins Tier 4 Final Diesel Engine. While operating this motor grader, users will notice exceptional 360-degree views and heightened visibility to the cutting edge. The 695B is also characterized by ergonomic controls, industry-leading hydraulic responsiveness and an electronic gauge package. Featuring ten spool fully-adjustable controls, this motor grader can be used for various grader operations all while remaining in the comfortable heated and cooled cab.


The new Komatsu GD655-7 motor grader is perfect for pioneering or maintaining forest roads. The GD655-7 features a 218-hp drive, an industry-exclusive two-mode transmission, featuring direct drive for long pushes or snow work and torque converter drive for fine, finish work. New low-effort control levers, steering wheel and steering lever, plus a larger, more comfortable cab offer the operator improved comfort, visibility and efficiency. A full locking differential provides great traction in the most severe logging applications and an inching pedal gives the operator precise control of the machine. A reversible, variable speed hydraulic fan can blow out debris from the cooler to maintain reliable operation.

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