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Tigercat introduces new power clam grapple series

October 29, 2019  By Tigercat

The new Tigercat power clam grapple series is here. Designed for use on the 875 and 880D loggers, the three models – PC08, PC10 and PC12 – are sized for load capacities of 0,8 m² (8 sq.ft), 0,9 m² (10 sq.ft) and 1,1 m² (12 sq.ft).

Using fatigue resistant welded construction, Tigercat power clam grapples feature durable box-style tongs fabricated from high strength steel. All weld-on tine tips are made from abrasion-resistant steel and can be replaced. The jaw profile rolls the logs into the grapple to quickly achieve a full load capacity. The profile is also designed to grip a single 150 mm (6 in) diameter stem when completely closed.

The power clam is available with an optional powered outrigger that provides exceptional control of various sized trees. It has a tapered tong profile and a large 45-degree sweep and is controlled by a cylinder with the same rod and bore diameters as the jaw cylinders.

Routing the hoses over the boom and under the connecting pin maximizes boom hose protection. The unique cylinder guard design allows easy hose access and reduces the need for large covers.


A multi-section proportional control valve provides generous flow and enhanced timing as spools can be independently tuned. The fixed displacement piston motor is coupled with a two-stage planetary gearbox that provides ample rotational speed and torque. A Tigercat designed crossover relief valve, directly bolted to the piston motor, features a float setting and provides charged make-up oil for smoother control, and to prevent jerky stops.

Large covers can be removed to easily service all hydraulic components. The main control valve is situated for easy service access to both sides. A sealed electrical box keeps all wiring connections well protected from the elements.

Learn more at www.tigercat.com.

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