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Valutec to supply additional TC continuous kiln to Pleasant River Lumber

June 28, 2021  By Valutec

Photo courtesy Valutec.

Valutec is supplying another TC continuous kiln to North America. The customer is the sawmill group Pleasant River, which has previously invested in TC continuous kilns for two sawmills. They are now purchasing a similar installation for their third sawmill in Enfield, Maine.

“This proves that our kiln technology is very competitive for North American sawmills. The fact that Pleasant River is choosing Valutec again is a particular honour. They are making this choice based on what they have seen our installations deliver for them, which of course represents a positive signal to the markets in the USA and Canada,” says Robert Larsson, CEO of Valutec.

The TC continuous kiln that Pleasant River is investing in will have an annual capacity of 46,000 mmbf and will be delivered to the sawmill in Enfield, which began construction a few years ago. The lumber sawn in Enfield has previously been dried at Pleasant River’s unit in Dover, Maine, but as demand for the company’s products has increased, they are now choosing to invest in a kiln facility for the sawmill that is targeted at smaller dimensions.

“We received quotes from other suppliers, but in the end it wasn’t a difficult decision. We are really happy with the TC continuous kilns at our sawmills in Dover and Jackman, and wanted to continue working with Valutec,” says Jason Brochu, co-owner of Pleasant River.


Valutec is a world leader when it comes to continuous kilns, and the TC model has been a success on markets all around the world. They are characterized by high capacity and quality combined with the flexibility to mix dimensions, which provides the conditions for a high utilization rate.

“This is a faster and better way to dry lumber, particularly when it comes to quality and energy consumption. The consistent load on the boiler represents a huge advantage,” says Brochu.

The TC continuous kiln that is to be built in Enfield will be used to dry Balsam fir to a 15 per cent final moisture content, and is divided into five double zones. It will be equipped with Valutec’s Valmatics 4.0 control system, and the start of assembly is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022.

“We will also be investing in a new boiler, which will produce enough power to run two continuous kilns of this type. We might have another Valutec kiln here in a few years,” says Brochu.

Valutec built the first modern TC continuous kiln in Sweden more than 10 years ago. Since then, the company has supplied installations to many leading sawmills and sawmill groups all over the world.

“We are receiving many requests from the USA and Canada at the moment, and the future is looking very bright. A large part of our success is based on the fact that we have developed alongside the sawmills, and have seen the challenges they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. This has driven the development of our kiln models and control systems. It’s a wonderful feeling to see the difference we can make for customers who want to take advantage of and develop the use of wood products all over the world,” says Larsson.

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