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Weston Wood Solutions launches reforestation initiative

February 13, 2024  By CFI Staff

Weston Wood Solutions is launching its Smart Forest Stewardship initiative in 2024. The company will be planting, preserving and protecting up to 25,000 trees across Canada in partnership with Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation (CFT), a social enterprise that delivers climate solutions through technology-enhanced sustainable forestry programs.

The company shares in a press statement that this initiative is a major commitment to uphold environmental values.

“Our collaboration with CFT not only allows us to contribute to greening our nation but also underscores our dedication to sustainable business practices for the long haul,” said Alan Lechem, CEO of Weston Wood Solutions.

Weston Wood Solutions explains that the Smart Forest Stewardship initiative is built on its vision of harmonizing industry with nature. It aligns with the company’s belief in responsible resource management and its role in nurturing a healthier planet.


“By investing in the future of our forests, we are investing in the future of our community, employees, and the planet,” Lechem noted.

The program includes educational resources, employee and community engagement and advanced technologies for monitoring and nurturing forest growth.

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