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BC sawfilers take in new technology at 2018 convention

April 30, 2018 - More than 30 saw filing vendors filled 60 booths at the Coast Kamloops Hotel & Conference Centre in Kamloops, B.C., April 26-28, to show off their newest machinery for filing rooms.

April 30, 2018  By  Maria Church

Cortex featured its solid conical head and spiral head at the BC Saw Filers Association tradeshow.

Several of the booths stood out with product launches or new equipment for the Canadian market.

Global chipper knife manufacturer Cortex was a fresh face to the tradeshow thanks to new Canadian distributors Simonds International and Burton Saw and Supply. Cortex featured its solid conical head and spiral head. The solid conical head has locking facing knives to eliminate the need for extra thick faceplates and bases to change out. The spiral head has a replaceable gullet insert for extended segment life and knives with optimized geometry for mounting repeatability. Clamps and counterknives have optional splitters that reduce friction and allow multi-angle knife clamping to maximize stability.

Prince George, B.C.’s Precision Machinery (PGMR) surprised attendees with a product launch at the show. After three years of development, Precision brought is fully automated Kaiser knife grinder. The machine automatically measures, grinds and sorts batches of 500 disposable standard canter knives. Watch CFI’s exclusive video of the product launch here.
PGMR also introduced a patent-pending guide manifolds with prismatic guide alignment. The manifolds employ 100 per cent contact between mating parts and are not dependent on bold tension for alignment. The prismatic design resists movement when side loaded during a crash or mis-set.

Williams & White
Williams & White introduced the German-manufactured Kohlbacher Shark 3000 Wet profile grinder to the North American market at the tradeshow. The grinder features CNC Bosch-Rexroth Indra Motion control, and Servomotor with aboslut decoders, which eliminates the need to reset the machine after a power failure. The tooth profile and grinding wheel shape are programmed by laptop using Excel, and the machine memory allows for 999 tooth profiles. A Varo bandsaw program allows up to 10 different pitches and tooth heights per group. The grinder includes a built-in automatic diamond tipped wheel dresser. Watch CFI’s exclusive video of the product here.


Oleson Saw Technology
A well-known name in the U.S., Oleson Saw Technology (OST), a division of York Saw & Knife Co., was another newcomer at the convention trade show. Headquartered in York, Pa., OST is entering the BC market as a full-fledged saw manufacturer for circular and band saw blades for the lumber mill industry. High demand for OST’s products has led the company to relocate into a new 70,000 square foot building in order to increase production to meet current and future demand. The exclusive U.S. agent for Iseli machinery, OST will be representing Iseli in Canada beginning July 1. Iseli’s filing room equipment includes the SAA Automatic Stellite tipping machine, the RZ-1 Automatic Band Saw Leveler and Tensioning Center, and the BS-4 Automatic CNC Band Saw Sharpening Machine, among others.

Key Knife
Key Knife displayed its ILS guide alignment system at the tradeshow. The system features nitride coated water blocks adjusted on spherical surface for precise 360-degree adjustment. The rigid design with lock down functions reduces maintenance requirements. The system, available for single and double arbor and quad saws, is designed and manufactured to each machine’s specifications. The benefits are increased recovery by eliminating a saw step, increased lumber quality by reducing deviation, prolonged saw and guide life, and reduction of saw changes.

Gerling Automation
Gerling Automation’s Sawmaster Automatic Brazing Machine was on display at the show as part of the HMT Machine Tools Canada booth. The machine features a sensor for removal of individual tips or complete removal of all tips. Carbide tips are sorted and fed through the bowl feeder and longitudinal conveyor belt, and a dosing valve doses flux onto the tips. The machine brazes the carbide tips onto the saw body and anneals the saw shoulder directly after brazing. The machine handles saw blades of 100 to 810 millimeters. A touch screen controls panel allow or input of parameters and easy setup and familiarization with the machine. V-top and alternate (left/right hand) tips are brazed with ease. The Sawmaster has an option to include cutting and position of silver solder shim and flux onto the tip, allowing for the use of pretinned tips.

The LK Pro from Kirschner was in action at BGR Saws booth, which was part of the larger Simonds International booth. The LK Pro automatically removes and re-tips circular saw blades. The modern, compact design specifically for the filing room features SmartBraze, a quick, easy and accurate communication system with the saw blade. The LK Pro uses a clean source of heat that will not alter the steel structure of the saws, and with a user-friendly design it includes CNC controls for enhanced accuracy and RFID technology as an option. Watch CFI’s exclusive video the LK Pro from the 2017 BC Saw Filers Association convention.

Les Equipments YGE
Les Equipments YGE has partnered with BID Group to market its PLP lubrication system, which monitors and controls critical variables of production. The system controls water pressure, water flow and air pressure. A state-of-the-art controlled used in the PLP allows for communication with the machine by Ethernet, serial link or digital I/O (for older machines). The communication set-up is fully scalable and changeable to allow for the system to transfer from an older machine to a new one. All components are arranged on drawers from easier maintenance and wet components are made of rust-proof material. Event logging allows for the machine to archive data such as total water quantify per shift.

Supersaul Chemmex
Supersaul Chemmex featured its Automated Pitch Prevention System at the tradeshow. Depending on your wood diet or climate, pitch build up on sawmill equipment can be a big concern. If a log is not where the computer needs it to be there is room for reduced recovery, slower production and even equipment damage (bandsaws for example). As well there are safety concerns from manual pitch removal during maintenance times. Supersaul has developed a system and product that will keep your equipment pitch free in your critical area, while the mill is running.

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