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CFI magazine completely re-designed

Canadian Forest Industries, Canada's oldest and most widely-circulated1 forestry magazine, launched into 2014 with a completely new look and feel.

February 20, 2014  By  Scott Jamieson

The redesign starts with the January/February 2014 issue, now available as a digital edition, and in the mail to current subscribers. The new look is both cleaner and easier to read, and includes a modern logo to replace the previous version dating back to the 1970s. 

“We’ve been looking at a redesign for quite some time,” explains group publisher and former editor Scott Jamieson. “Somehow it didn’t seem right to celebrate a new look and feel with the industry in the throes of a long recession. But with the industry well into a growth phase, larger magazines, and a new editorial team, the timing seemed right.”

The design and colour scheme reflect a modern, technologically-based industry with a vibrant future. At the same time details like typography and white space have been carefully considered to ensure an easy read regardless of location, whether remote or in the mill office.

“This is not a traditional, staid industry,” Jamieson adds. “It’s a highly mechanized, automated sector in the midst of great change and opportunity. We wanted to be sure that when people looked at the magazine, either in print or online, that’s the sense they’d get. That’s especially important of potential industry recruits, who often come across our brand when searching for information on the industry online.”


The magazine coninues to feature the dedicated Canadian Wood Products wood processing section in the middle of the magazine, while new columns, upfront news features and tech updates have been added to the content mix.

View the Jan/Feb 2014 redesign issue here, or enquire about your own subscription here.

1 Based on June 2013 BPA audit statements comparing Canadian Forest Industries to Logging and Sawmilling Journal. View the complete comparison here.



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