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Forwarder focus: a look at the latest forwarders on the market

February 3, 2021  By Canadian Forestry Staff

The Ponsse Bison has a transmission equipped with a stepless gear ratio change, which means there’s no need to stop when switching to the fast range from the slow range. Working in all types of terrain is much faster – just hit the throttle. With Active Frame as standard equipment, driving is smooth. It prevents the cabin and operator from swaying. To top it all off, the engine’s revolutions per minute remain nearly constant regardless of speed. This has a significant impact on fuel consumption. Bison’s low-emission engine is highly economical. It can carry 16 tonnes with unprecedented ease from forests to storage sites.

Komatsu has updated its 875 and 895 forwarders with new features designed to increase productivity, simplify daily maintenance, and maximize profitability. The 875 (16 metric tonnes) and 895 (20 metric tonnes) have more engine horsepower at 254-hp and 287-hp, respectively. These engines feature a new, more user-friendly DEF system, a new exhaust system and new, lower-maintenance hydraulic lifters. Both models feature the new MaxiXT control system, which continuously monitors and optimizes engine, transmission, hydraulic, and crane performance. A new drive-by-wire steering system replaces the former steering wheel and allows for higher travel speed. The HST transmissions have a special hydraulic retarder overspeed protection that keeps key driveline components from over-revving.

John Deere
Available in a six-wheeled or eight-wheeled configuration, the 910G and 1010G forwarders are designed to offer customizable solutions for every logging operation. The improved machine design includes a shorter frame, balanced bogie axles and rigid front axles on the six-wheeled models. The fixed or rotating and leveling cab is equipped with large windows, ergonomic armrests, a fully adjustable air-cushioned seat and automated climate-control system. Optional Intelligent Boom Control boosts productivity. Both models feature a high tractive force transmission, Adaptive Driveline Control and TimberMatic control system, and are compatible with the TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager technology offerings.


The TimberPro 800 Series are the most versatile forwarder on the market. The 360-degree continuous rotations loader allows the operator to easily fix or mat heavily used skid trails and retrieves wood from difficult-to-reach areas. The powerful booms perform with larger grapples for faster wood handling. A harvester head – COMBO Machine – can also be installed. The latest D models feature the Cummins Stage 5 high-performance L9 engine available with three axle sizes: the common TF830D with 20-tonne axles, the larger TF840D with 24-tonne axles, and the latest offering, the TF860D with 28-tonne axles.

Eco Log
With a loading capacity of 16 tonnes, the Eco Log 584F is equipped with Stage V engines from Volvo Penta. The machine’s driveline has been updated with a new, more powerful bogie customized for the high traction and load capacity. A new range of hydraulic pumps with a standard pump displacement of 175 cubic centimeters (cc) or optional 210-cc pump enables the unit to be used with a wider choice of cranes. Improved oil flow makes it possible to perform simultaneous movements, increasing capacity as well as flexibility. The Eco Log 584F also has a grill that conveniently opens to the side, making it easier to clean the radiator, and the hood is electrically operated for easier servicing. www.ecologforestry.com

Sampo Rosenlew
The Sampo Rosenlew forwarder range has three eight-wheeled models for thinning up to early final felling applications. The 10-tonne load capacity FR28 thrives thinning young, dense forests. The almost identical looking 12-tonne load capacity FR48 shares the same cab, AGCO engine, hydrostat, work hydraulics and middle joint with the FR28. The FR48 features a larger load space, 26.5-inch wheels, balanced NAF bogies, bigger steering cylinders, and some under-the-hood flow control tweaks in the hydrostat system and crane hydraulics. Among others, the mid-size 14-tonne load capacity FR68 features a 170-kilowatt AGCO engine, Mesera F92 crane and rotating cabin.

KMC’s 200 BG model forwarder has one key design objective; to improve logging success. That means helping loggers produce more wood per day, for more days per year in all operating conditions, and at less cost. Four unique features contribute most to the self-loading 200 BG’s payload capacity: traction, speed, stability, and low ground pressure. The KMC High Speed Steel Track (HSST) Vehicle can be adapted for use as a prime mover for various attachments in many different industrial applications.

The Smooth Ride cabin suspension is mounted on four coil springs and four shock absorbers. The simple design makes it easy to maintain because the suspension solution does not contain any hydraulic or electronic components. The solution is economical and reliable. Smooth Ride is optional equipment and available on all Logset forwarder models. It follows the movement of the machine and absorbs all the hits. The frame and the cabin are the same, regardless if the machine is equipped with suspension or not.

Tigercat has developed the new 1085C tilt crane option – a steep slope solution for the powerful 1085C forwarder that will expand its capabilities when working on hilly terrain. The tilting crane system allows the crane pillar to tilt up to 25 degrees rearward, allowing the operator to keep the pillar nearly vertical when on a downhill slope. The result is the ability to use full slew torque to manipulate grapple loads while on steep slopes instead of swinging uphill against gravity. A stronger 6.25 square metre moving gate and optimized bunk design accommodate up to 20-tonne loads. Rear tethering lugs, pressure lubed front bogie and transmission and fuel tank baffle system are other features that make this forwarder a true steep slope machine.

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