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Loggers fined for burning industrial waste

June 9, 2016 - Two Hudson Bay, Sask.-area logging contractors were fined in two separate cases at Melfort Provincial Court after pleading guilty to several charges under The Clean Air Act.

Lutz Logging Inc. pleaded guilty to two counts of burning industrial waste and was assessed $14,000 in fines and surcharges. WE Logging pleaded guilty to one count of the same offence and was assessed a $5,600 penalty. Both companies admitted to illegally burning waste from their commercial logging operations, including used oil filters, plastic product containers, oils, hydraulic hoses and aerosol cans.

Ministry of Environment forestry staff identified environmental waste disposal issues for both companies during inspections in the fall of 2014. After further investigation, conservation officers charged both companies in October 2015.

“Laws against burning of industrial waste are there to protect both human health and the environment,” Forest Service Branch acting executive director David Cobb said. “The public expects government to hold companies accountable when they break the rules and we take this job very seriously.”

The burning of plastics can release cancer-causing substances, including volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and dioxins. These materials can travel long distances in the environment, contaminating air, land and water.

June 9, 2016  By Government of Saskatchewan

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